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    Mike Clelland, Owls and Extended Consciousness |387|

    I really liked this episode, and it reminded me of an owl experience I had in my 20's on the night my then girlfriend's father had died. A white owl flew directly over us out of nowhere while we were walking to the car on our way to leave to drive to be with her family and prepare for the...
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    Jason Louv, A Strange Mix of Scientism and Magick |385|

    I first saw Jason Louv after clicking a link on for, a magick course he was selling. After looking into it for a moment, it was an immediate turn off, and triggered all kinds of alarms. There was an introduction video with him sitting by the ocean drinking a glass of wine...
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    ---Introduce yourself---

    Hello everyone, my name is J.T., and I'm here to gain a deeper understanding about heavy things and deep stuff. I was raised Southern Baptist, which I rejected in my teens and slowly shed the weight of dogma and guilt throughout my 20's, and eventually devolved into a bitter atheist, angry that...