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    Dr. Mariana Caplan — Does Yoga Work? |382|

    Hey! Will yoga help me get in contact with aliens? Does anybody know? Both the psychic kind and the nuts-n-bolts kind? Like real little green men? Probably right? Cuz aliens are so spiritual and everything! Right?
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    Bernardo Kastrup, Mainstreaming Controversial Philosophy of Mind Theories |378|

    New topic- apologies but: HEY-what did that alien tell the general? He/she/it oughta know, right? He/she/it flew in a spaceship at least a trillion trillion trillion miles and then crashed! WOW! Crazy!!!! Great driver, poor at parking. Guys- if there is a physical alien, then UFOs are not...
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    Christopher Knowles, Are Occult Symbols Present in Science? |365|

    Who here noticed that Knowles never actually tells us what is going on, he just tells us that we don't know what is going on? So then what exactly is Knowles point? "it's not satan, it's not lucifer, blah blah blah…it's EROS" ??? OK Chris- it's Eros- how then are we supposed to react to the...
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    Joseph Atwill, Why is the Deep State Interested in Psychedelics? |364|

    Atwill is spot on about the use of psychedelics to degrade society. The first point is: that is exactly what has happened! Everything is much worse since LSD was introduced. Except yoga is more widespread...pun intended. Great interview... Tripping and "expansion of consciousness" becomes a...
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    Joseph Atwill, Why is the Deep State Interested in Psychedelics? |364|

    The Sioux were far from anarchistic and had a highly evolved form of government that did a good job of balancing personal freedom with social obligations and responsibilities. That's a paradox at the heart of human life. But that's what we are here to explore and experiment with. Corbett's...
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    What Happened at the 2017 IONS Conference |361|

    Touché Chefjames. The disconnect is quite bizarre. Reminds me of deep state/conspiracy-aware Christians who rale against Magic even though Jesus raised a man from de grave and turned water into wine. While every Sunday the priest turns a piece of bread into Jesus. Really Alex, if you can...
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    What Happened at the 2017 IONS Conference |361|

    Definitely the travel outside his body guy to make art- that's on the front page of your website. I posted that opinion at the time on the forum. Obvious. I think the We Are Change guy is a fraud just like Alex Jones. I posted that as well. I need to go through a list of all your shows...
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    What Happened at the 2017 IONS Conference |361|

    Forgive me but Changing the subject here: Edgar Mitchell is a complete fraud and that "Christian guy" has much bigger testicles than Mitchell or anyone at IONS. I too respect Radin but lets just admit that with 2 minutes of actual scientific logical thinking it becomes obvious that it is and...
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    Beverly Gilmour, 100s of NDE and a New Insight About Consciousness |350|

    Not to be disrespectful, but she didn't actually answer Alex's questions. What are the prophecies? No answer except some guy is gonna go to jail for following a dark path. Jesus flew her around the earth? Jesus said why don't you trust me? I totally missed any new theory of human...
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    Lisa Smartt, Linguist Explores What We Say Nearing Death |348|

    Loved this interview! So genuine! Will be exploring the links. What does it tell us about the afterlife? It tells us that the afterlife is a realm of poetry. Leaning on metaphor is Pure poetry Metaphor is leaning on the afterlife The afterlife is leaning on metaphor Leaning on the...
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    An amazing video about evolution

    For macroevolution to be a Darwinian mechanism there would have to be GAZILLIONS of mutations for just one single species! A DNA mutation makes a new and unusual protein. That's all it does. Period. How that protein becomes a tissue and goes about its function at a new location in the body...
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    Jim Marrs is not a Scientologist |340|

    I'd like to know more about this connection. do you have any good links to share?Secret Agent 666. Alester Corwley, British Intelligence and the occult. Occult groups are all about mind control. There is no way Hubbard made up that elaborate system of spying on each other Remini goes into. I...
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    An amazing video about evolution

    Why has science been allowed to grow into something akin to a religion? This is a huge question and I think it has many answers and I think this is the crux of the issue, since Neo-Darwinian evolution is such an obvious fairytale, (though all of life does share a common source). Evolution...
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    Jim Marrs is not a Scientologist |340|

    Great interview. Glad to see you go after him, and get more skeptikal than you are with many of your guests. But puhleeze he is being so obvious! Scientology IS a military mind control program. End of story. Hubbard was in Naval Intelligence, the oldest of all intelligence agencies. And...
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    Materialistic science makes us feel less human. He thinks the arts can change that |304|

    Very interesting interview. But Alex you betray a materialistic bias right at the get-go when you say the "artistic gene" skipped you! You then repeat it by saying that's just the way "the genetic wheel turns". There is no evidence that there is any specific genetic component for artistic...