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    Anneke Lucas, Recovering From Unimaginable Evil |441|

    This interview was really interesting and I'm glad Anneke is recovering. Still I was a little confused by her ideas, she seemed unwilling to really explore the reality of "Satan" or demonic supernatural entities, which makes a lot of sense to me since that could help her cope with the experience...
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    Hi! My name is Natalie!

    That's true! People tend to remeber the basic gist of what happened to them!
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    Hi! My name is Natalie!

    Hi Skepticos! I'm Natalie and I'm a long time listener and I want to add some ideas out on the forum. and I'm a big fan of the show and Alex for providing evidence based reasoning for some of the things I beleive but couldn't get into mindset to argue for! I have this one argument I want to...