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    Patrizio E. Tressoldi's collected publications

    Here is some written interviews with so called channeled beings conducted with hypnosis in a group setting, by Patrizio and a hypnotist. Also there are recordings of the sessions but they are in Italian, I wonder if there isn't anyone here who...
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    Warning for those who use Kindle books
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    Patrizio E. Tressoldi's collected publications

    I followed his protocol and failed to get results beyond what could be explained as just pure imagination. for transparency's sake, I bungled one paragraph midway through the reading, and also did not use a test on my subjects precursor tendencies of dissociation. If anyone would like a partial...
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    Michael Tsarion on Race, Jordan Peterson, and Why Conspiracy Work is Spiritual Work |372|

    Unfortunately he has just passed away from his cancer as of yesterday. I've taken his message to heart and hope we can carry his torch. Rest in Peace, Justin.
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    The problem with the DMT explanation for NDEs....

    Even if DMT were responsible for NDE's, it would not explain why people would come back with veridical explanations for things such as how resusitation is performed. Also a DMT explanation is still modifiable to fit within a filter based theory of consciousness, according to Bernardo Kastrup's...
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    Alex Tsakiris, Four Questions About the Future of Skeptiko |414|

    I agree, I'd like to get some updates on where the OBE explorer field has moved to. I've suggested Bob Peterson before, but I'd like to see what Robert Bruce, Buhlman and Nicholls are up to. edit: Bruce has been on the show two years ago -...
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    Patrizio E. Tressoldi's collected publications

    I think these guys believe, reading the paper but they have to research around the subject until science and the public are ready. Theres also the issue of veritability according to Robert Bruce, Monroe, Nicholls that the astral zone seems to show the explorer things that have not yet happened...
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    The end of science and progress?

    In what way is this Nihilism? There are determinists who still believe the world has meaning. This seems to me a non standard definition of nihilism (the belief in a meaningless universe), what is meant by this?
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    Patrizio E. Tressoldi's collected publications

    Tressoldi is an Italian researcher investigating out of body experiences through means of hypnosis, among other things. What makes him interesting to me is that he publishes his methods online for anyone to try. out of body experience induced by hypnotic suggestions and exploratory...
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    Gordon White, Is Magic Outdated Tech? |405|

    Is there anyone here who is a subscriber to Gordon's Podcast and forum group? I'm curious on what the magical aspect is like, if you think it's well put together and so on.
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    Robert Forte, The Softer Side of CIA Psychedelic Mind Control |407|

    What do you think about the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty Incident, Pollard, Israel using white phosphorous on Palestinians, or their frequent thefts of American technology, military secrets and extensive espionage? edit: I see there is already some clarification by the time I finished writing...
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    Dr. Philip Goff, Will Academia Get Beyond Materialism? |409|

    What is the case you make for this? Since you claim to think in terms of purpose instead of meaning, does this in some ways answer the 'Biological robot in a meaningless universe' problem or is that problem still existent?
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    Alex Tsakiris and Tom Jump Debate Near Death Experience Sceicne |408|

    Holy hell, you are posting in this thread with zero knowledge of what the thread is about.
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    Skeptiko has been blacklisted

    Blacklisting due to bias... Bunch of cowardly bastards.
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    If Extended Consciousness Went Mainstream Tomorrow, How Would the World Change?

    While people in general would have less fear of death as per the research's suggest, I think it would get gamed pretty quickly to promote a more apathetic public.
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    Alex Tsakiris and Tom Jump Debate Near Death Experience Sceicne |408|

    This is a bit of an aside. Do you have any recommendations on how someone could learn logic from a beginners ability to an experts?
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    Alex Tsakiris and Tom Jump Debate Near Death Experience Sceicne |408|

    This whole conversation was just extremely awkward. How do you discuss NDE's and so on without discussing any of the evidence?