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  1. Michael Larkin

    Glorious interview of Donald Hoffman by Michael Shermer

    ...Glorious because Hoffman gets to say a lot, and also because Shermer has so little to say in response. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Michael Larkin

    Epigenetics, medicine, and consciousness (not matter) as fundamental

    I found this Thinking Allowed video very interesting. It touches on epigenetics, medicine and consciousness. I'm not saying I agree with everything said, but strikes me that prof. Kenneth R. Pelletier is much more open-minded than your average academic, and his credentials in this area seem...
  3. Michael Larkin

    Psi Encyclopedia

    Just spotted this on Rupert Sheldrake's site: Psi Encyclopedia A new alternative to Wikipedia on the subject of psi research, produced by the Society for Psychical Research. It's news for me: I hope no one has mentioned it before. It looks like a possibly useful source if anyone wants to...
  4. Michael Larkin

    Bernardo Kastrup's Scientific American blog

    see: See also:!topic/metaphysical-speculations/BGi8K-NaGaQ Whatever can Scientific American be thinking?;)
  5. Michael Larkin

    The curious parallelism between EU theory and consciousness

    You can learn more about the EU (Electric Universe) theory from an excellent, well-illustrated free book here: It's excellent because it describes EU theory in terms that anyone can understand, and one thing that strikes me is the curious parallelism...
  6. Michael Larkin


    This one is probably mostly for Brits: I'll be voting for Brexit, that's for sure!
  7. Michael Larkin

    Mod+ James M. Tour's amazing lecture on the astounding improbability of unguided abiogenesis

    I did chemistry and biochemistry to a certain level (1st year University as subsidiary subjects--my main subject was biology), and so I had a vague grasp of the detailed chemistry being talked about in this lecture. But no matter, even if a lot or even all of the chemistry escapes one, the...
  8. Michael Larkin

    Mod+ An unmissable offer from Bernardo Kastrup

    Bernardo is making a great offer over at his blog: You can get any or all of his books in Kindle format during the month of July for 99c (or 99p) each. Now there's no excuse for not...
  9. Michael Larkin

    Anyone having problems editing their own posts?

    In the last couple of days, I've noticed that I can't edit my own posts: the option to do so is greyed out. Can anyone explain this? I'd really like to be able to edit my posts after posting just in case I pick up on grammatical errors. ***I've just edited this post. Interestingly, although the...
  10. Michael Larkin

    Mod+ Joe Rogan interviews Rupert Sheldrake

    I found this very enjoyable. It's a wide-ranging, in-depth discussion with Rupert where I heard a lot I hadn't heard before. It's long, but very rewarding. Skip the opening ads and start at around 9:35.
  11. Michael Larkin

    Mod+ A blast from the past

    I just stumbled across this Horizon video from the 1980's. It's by the BBC, and I'm struck by how fair and balanced it is compared with what you might see today: --which kind of got me thinking about how today, fundamentalism of all sorts is on the rise: religious and scientific. I wondered...
  12. Michael Larkin

    New Interview with Philip Mereton and Alex Tsakiris

    Here's a "mirror interview" between Philip Mereton and Alex Tsakiris regarding Alex's book that I don't think has been posted yet:
  13. Michael Larkin

    Mod+ New interview with Alex

    Here's a "mirror interview" between Philip Mereton and Alex Tsakiris regarding Alex's book that I don't think has been posted yet:
  14. Michael Larkin

    Aliens night on More4

    If you're British and interested in aliens, check out three programs on More4 on Saturday from 19:00 to 23:10 or the repeats, starting from 23:15. I've no idea what it'll be like, but thought I'd give everyone the heads up.
  15. Michael Larkin

    Should dogs be made citizens?

    "We can't go around eating our co-citizens" Is it just me, or has the world gone barking mad?
  16. Michael Larkin

    Festive prize competition

    Okay everyone. This festive season, we're going to hold a prize competition. To win, you are going to have to post the funniest message, as judged by my good self. The message can be a video clip (no more than 5 minutes), or a joke or anything humorous, either of your own devising or from the...
  17. Michael Larkin

    Mod+ New presentation/panel discussion with Bernardo Kastrup

    (With Leonard Mlodinow, Michael Shermer, Henry Stapp, Stuart Hameroff, Rudy Tanzi, Menas Kafatos, Neil Theise, Erhard Seiler, and Deepak Chopra)
  18. Michael Larkin

    Will Misogyny Bring Down The Atheist Movement?

    “I ran into Shermer in the hallway,” Smith said recently, speaking publicly for the first time about what happened that night. They began talking, and he invited her to a Scotch and cigar party at the Caesars Palace hotel. “He was talking about future articles we could write, and he mentioned...
  19. Michael Larkin

    Cosmic habituation

    See: --and scroll down for the show entitled "Cosmic habituation" (you can stream it or download it). It appears that Sheldrake isn't the only one suspecting something may be going on. No mention of him in the podcast, but he is mentioned in the...