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  1. perandre

    The Coolidge effect, porn, dopamine, etc

    Another thread was briefly touching on (sexual) attraction, and I think some aspects of it deserves some extra attention. Coolidge effect: - More on the impact + science Porn: Your Brain On...
  2. perandre

    Organized religion: Is it all bad?

    A common truism in here, is that organized religion is bad, and an enemy of the truth. While "organized" perhaps sounds ok, "religion" rings bad ...and together, it's more of a monster. Now, this thread is not for listing bad stuff done by, say, the Catholic church or radical Islam; not very...
  3. perandre

    Consciousness on/off switch found?
  4. perandre

    Swedenborg explains past lives memories

    I found this quote on this (pretty interesting) blog: From Swedenborg's Heaven and Hell:
  5. perandre

    NDEer about to be murdered when something happens

    This gets violent ...but it's an interesting read. A woman claims to have received words from the other side, helping her survive a brutal (tragic) attack.
  6. perandre

    Greg Boyd & Open Theism I think theologian Greg Boyd contributes to the discussion on free will in a very real way. Some other interesting aspects of this anti violence vegetarian: His book on imaginative prayer: Seeing is believing His book on spiritual mindfulness: Present...
  7. perandre

    List of lost content

    Let's make a list of all threads we want to revive! No discussions , just the title, URL or keywords from the thread you would like to see. #protip: to help out, just google a phrase you remember by putting first. Example: cell intelligence #protip 2: if...