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    DEATH during MRI Scans: What do the Scans show?

    Hello, everyone. I'm a frequent reader of these forums and post once in a while. But I'm in no way (not even close) to you guys in terms of my knowledge of all this stuff. So I apologize if my question seems "off-the-wall" or anything. But this is something I've always wondered about. OK. It's...
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    New Study: Brain Activity At The Moment of Death

    Any comments on this new study and what it means for NDE research?? This is from Neuroskeptic. Brain Activity At The Moment of Death By Neuroskeptic | March 3, 2017 2:48 pm What happens in the brain when we die? Canadian researchers Loretta Norton and colleagues of the University of Western...
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    The Lessons of Out-of-Body Experiences--NEW WSJ Article

    Any Comments? Seems the author has already made up his mind on what these experiences are. The Lessons of Out-of-Body Experiences Powerful, unnerving hallucinations show there’s something malleable about the way our brains construct our sense of self ENLARGE Modern neuroscientists call the...