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    Math Antics - Algebra [VIDEO]

    For lernin 2 maths
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    The Rose Rune

    This is something I've been debating about posting for awhile now for many reasons but I figure it's better posted than not. I'm also doing it because I will be referencing the rose rune when I eventually post my May 1st OBE thing because a lot of what I've learned since that OBE mixes a lot...
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    Magic Training in a Nutshell

    My training to develop magic is based on two core principles. 1: You are the sole authority of yourself 2: Reality is fluid and baseless, order is an illusion This creates a fundamental contradiction. There is no reason for anything to be the way it is. However, there's also no reason for...
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    The Mothman Chronicles [VIDEO]

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    Baritone Cat [VIDEO]

    "Say hi?" "...No..." Apparently has Larengial Paralysis or something, still funny and cute though.
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    "Degrading Love" by TheraminTrees [VIDEO]

    Relevant for a lot more ideologies than just deific religions
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    God's Plan [VIDEO]

    Pretty much.
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    The Dead Space Dream

    Gonna be honest, I have no idea where to post this. I figured it either belonged in Extended Consciousness or Other Stuff. I personally think it suits the former better and that's why it's here. But if for some reason it's the wrong place just move it or whatever you need to do. I decided to...
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    Probably Goodbye

    I think I originally came to this forum because I wanted to share my experiences of which I had and still have a lot of anger and hatred towards. I still want to share those experiences, but I can't help but think doing so would be a really, really bad idea in the long run. From what I can tell...
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    Why is "meaning" good?

    I've noticed a trend on this forum where anytime anything or anyone suggests that existence is objectively meaningless people just reject it. Often citing that it paints a bleak picture of reality and generally makes them feel bad when they think about it. I just can't understand why people...
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    Universal Free Will Debate Thread

    I thought that this needed it's own dedicated topic given that the ideas of free-will/determinism creep into most topics that I've seen/been involved in on this forum and it usually turns into a debate that derails whatever the thread was actually about. Yes, the ideas of free will and...
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    [deleted and discontinued]

    I've been mulling it over for awhile and I've decided this is far too crazy for me to feel comfortable talking about at this time. I believe it was a mistake to make this post in the first place. I believe it may have been a mistake joining Skeptiko at all. I think I was just fed up with never...