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    Survival of Consciousness after Death - Skeptiko Community Led List

    I just came across this and it really impacted me. Skip the first 5 minutes.
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    Who are the most influential mainstream scientists who endorse transpersonal consciousness?
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    9/11 Discussion Thread

    Bart, do you really think that Hurm is alt right? He is so clearly not I will assume that you are joking. Maybe some emoticon would help. I am not fond of them myself :eek::);;/?
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    Tried to pray, realized how stupid it was.

    Oh Bill, Why not just have an honest exploration of spirituality when you are ready rather than troll the shit out of people who are already there? .
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    In other words, convert or die. The mental gymnastics that you have to go through to show how the Quran promotes peace over domination is incredible. Thankfully most muslims are peaceful despite their religious text which to many is as relevant today as it was 1400 years ago.
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    Th situation in Sweden

    Italics added. If only politics, ideology and money didn't play such an overwhelming role in science....
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    Probably Goodbye

    There's lots of people here that you may not have come across yet who would be extremely interested in your experiences, good and bad. I hope that you will settle in and feel more comfortable talking about it in the future. As far as "this is an internet forum, what is discussion here really...
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    Sandy Hook Conspiracy

    Are you staying up late and drinking again?
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    Is science just another religion? (and so much more..)

    Sorry about the vid Pollux. I don't know what to suggest, or even how I figure out how to get it!!
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    Reincarnation into the past.

    I have never thought it in quite these term. I am somewhat concerned as the older I get the less I want to connect with other people and I'm pretty sure this is not an enlightened approach to living this life. Of course this doesn't apply to my kids or my dog, but pretty much everyone else...
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    Is science just another religion? (and so much more..)

    One of my favourite youtubers talks about science and knowledge.
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    Vaccines (and autism)

    What I am saying is that doctors know that in some recipients there is a risk, but that risk is outweighed by the benefits for the larger whole (in their opinion). I know this because my brother is a doctor (anesthesiologist) and this is what he told me. It is also the thing that makes sense...
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    Vaccines (and autism)

    I struggle with this every year Malf. My daughter has asthma and has been hospitalized many times in the past because of it. One of her triggers is illness ie respiratory viruses. I have looked into this particular issue more than any other. I have learned many things over the years...
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    Vaccines (and autism)

    I think that is exactly how the medical profession looks at it.
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    Wow. If you think you can take all of the information that you have been given about Sweden, and right it off with this atrocity of an article, this piece of "useful idiot" propaganda, then the consequences will come in the form of democratic change. If there is no alternative to the most...
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    Holy cow Malf. Do you ever view links that anyone else posts, or are you a "confirmation bias" junkie?
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    This is a guy from Sweden worth following, The Angry Foreigner. He uses facts, he analyses facts, and he seems like a good guy. He has been making videos for years.
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    Never have I said that all immigrants or refugees are violent or that every town in Sweden or Europe is a war zone. I do not think that, I have not said that. The whole point of getting involved in this discussion, for me anyway, is because there will not be any "fixing" until the problem...
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    The Donald Trump Thread

    You are of course absolutely right. Not all women are afraid to go out, only half of them. I don't know what I was thinking. Next time I speak to my cousin in Freudenstadt I will have to tell her that she is being ridiculous. I am relieved that you have spent a whole hour researching the...