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  1. Jim_Smith

    What are you watching consciousness.

    I'be been watching some of the movies on the YouTube Movies channel that are marked "Free with Ads" I'm using the brave browser and I haven't seen any ads. If you scroll down there is a section "Free to Watch"...
  2. Jim_Smith

    How do you relax?

    These are stressful times. Maybe it would be helpful to have a thread about relaxing and turning off stress. I'll start it off with an article from my web site and an article from my blog: Serenity Meditation: How to...
  3. Jim_Smith

    Temporally entangled particles seem to show purpose, but consciousness is required.

    When you put on your shoes before you go for a walk, the cause of putting on your shoes is going for a walk. The cause comes after the effect. This is called final causality. Final causality indicates purpose. In nature there is mostly efficient causality: the cause comes before the effect...
  4. Jim_Smith

    "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer

    (An updated version of this post can be found on my blog; I have been reading "The Untetherd Soul" by Michael Singer. I highly recommend this book. Singer offers a somewhat different perspective on certain aspects...
  5. Jim_Smith

    Science is wrong to reject the aquatic ape theory of human origins.

    Darwinists love to say how similar humans are to chimps genetically. But then, why are humans so different from chimps. Chimps are hairy and walk on four legs. Humans have little hair and are bipedal. Scientists used to think it was because when human ancestors left the forest and moved onto the...
  6. Jim_Smith

    The exception that proves the rule .... Replying to an old thread that is locked. The most common meaning of "the exception that proves the rule" is that by stating an exception, a rule is implied. A sign that says "parking prohibited on...
  7. Jim_Smith

    How easily you can be fooled by lack of imagination This works especially well if they are trying to convince a person of something that supports or is somehow consistent with preexisting and strongly held beliefs because in that situation people will be less likely to look for...
  8. Jim_Smith

    The women who woke up with foreign accents - 60 Minutes Australia

    The women who woke up with foreign accents - 60 Minutes Australia
  9. Jim_Smith

    Hacking your brain chemistry

    This thread is for discussions on how to hack your brain chemistry without drugs. I'll start things off with these articles from my blog and web site: How to use meditation to produce spiritual experiences by setting up a feedback loop in the brain that increases production of dopamine...
  10. Jim_Smith

    The Parasympathetic Nervous System And Spiritual Development

    I've posted elsewhere in the forums about fact that the analytical / rational neural network in the brain and the empathic / intuitive network cannot both be in use at the same time. Brain Can't Empathize And Analyze At Same Time, New Study...
  11. Jim_Smith

    A mystery solved through prayer.

    I had a very mysterious experience today that left me puzzled until I asked for a solution in prayer. Immediately after asking for help in understanding what had happend, the solution was revealed to me. I love a good mystery and I assume others do too so I will I will explain the situation as...
  12. Jim_Smith

    The Internet and Spirituality

    This thread is for discussion of the internet and spirituality.
  13. Jim_Smith

    The Inner Mammalian Institute. Dr. Loretta Breuning, who was a professor of Management for over 20 years at California State before she left academia to launch her own think-tank, The Inner Mammalian Institute. Through the Institute, Breuning spreads awareness of how people can “build...
  14. Jim_Smith

    Sheeple 2.0

    UPDATE: Scientists create first human-sheep hybrids - paving the way for organs to be grown in animals for transplant even providing a cure for diabetes (this was the original link seems to be broken...
  15. Jim_Smith

    Trump Consciousness

    11/24/19 UPDATE: Cyber bullying is not permitted in this thread. Please report all cases of cyber bullying to the moderator. 9/3/19 - Update. If you post to this thread please maintain proper decorum and always be polite (moderator please take note). If you can't be nice, post somewhere else...
  16. Jim_Smith

    Artificial Intelligence

    Humans are losing to computers in chess, jeopardy, go, poker, ... and ... and ... Pole dancing robots go head-to-head with strippers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas