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  1. Andrew9

    A short NDE story - on the BBC

    Came across an NDE described in a BBC story - which is worth noting. The story is about a woman who learns that her father is a Catholic priest. However at a critical point in her lifr she had an NDE: "She remembers the sirens, the stretcher being pushed under her body, something being fitted...
  2. Andrew9

    NDEs and our spiritual nature - the Baha'i view

    I was going through some old shows and it was apparent that while there are references to various religious traditions there was no mention of the Baha'i teachings on death, the soul and so on. The purpose of this thread is to let readers know that there are (very) many such references with...
  3. Andrew9

    NDEs - what about the body?

    Reading about NDEs for the last few years I came across occassional accounts where the experiencer was calmly observing their body but their body was still animated in some way, such as responding to pain. This leads to the question 'How does the body behave when the 'higher self' /...