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    Suggestion for Show?

    Roger Penrose. Some of the things he have to say is surely above my head:
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    Chris Knowles, The Descent Into Evil Thinking |450|

    I just bought the Knowles book you mentioned on Kobo in ebook format. It's quite inexpensive if anybody want it. I just looked up the Kindle edition on and it is $3.
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    Matthew Alper, Have Skeptics Lost Their Edge? |448|

    Chris Knowles has a new article up (seems to be part 1 of a series) where he talks about the skeptical movement:
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    The SJW and equality movement

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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Hmm. Not sure if this is already posted : Surgisphere, whose employees appear to include a sci-fi writer and...
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    Trump Consciousness

    Slightly related. My favorite quote: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - J. Krishnamurti
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    "how to live life" manual compiled from Skeptiko conversations?

    As I understand it in the life review you can not only view your life events but also see it from the others perspective (with all emotions). So I think its about compassion, love, forgiveness.
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    I have the Course in Miracles book. There are 365 daily exercises for an entire year of practice. Each daily exercise is usually only a few minutes so even if you have a busy life you could find time for it. So its more experiental than a dogmatic religion. They do use christian terminology like...
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    Planet of the Humans

    The Wrong Kind of Green blog shares a similar view. They also have a few comments on the documentary:
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    Oh, worth watching if this has interest:
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    Grant Cameron, No Such Thing As Evil ET? |449|

    Re. Voice Hearing and Schizophrenia. I know a bit of this topic for personal reasons. There is a dutch psychiatrist Marius Romme who have started the voice hearing network. He was once doing a radio-show in netherlands on voice hearing and to his surprise many "normal" people were hearing...
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    Trump Consciousness

    I think it's the same with other social media. There are some public Facebook pages that can be viewed without an account but some, especially normal personal profiles cannot (depending on their privacy settings).
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    What are you watching consciousness.

    If you haven't seen it yet (I think it is viral): Perhaps some of the alternative energy-sources are not so environmental friendly afterall. And perhaps environmental NGO's are being paid by rich billionaries to promote not so environmental friendly efforts. The blog "Wrong Kind of Green" has...
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Ben Swann good as usual:
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    UFO book reading recommendations

    A bit on the fringe even in UFOlogy, I am reading about "Men in Black" in some books by Nick Redfern. He is a really good writer and I almost can't put down the books. I was a bit surprised by the spiritual component in Men in Black. People see them in dreams as well as during sleep paralysis (I...
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    Matthew Alper, Have Skeptics Lost Their Edge? |448|

    I also think it can be due to their upbringing if its more "traditional" and not "western" since I think they value intuition more than westerners typically do.
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    I was refering to this:
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    I guess JP Sears can't be banned from Youtube since he agrees with the narrative :)
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    Miguel Conner, Gnosticism and the Evil Question |446|

    Known as political ponerology: edit: Bernhard Guenther has actually done some work on "evil". Perhaps he would be a good subject for the Skeptiko show?