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  1. satyanveshi

    Conner Habib, on Progressives Disconnect From Spirituality |401|

    Understood. Thank you for the correction. I think I did :-D But apparently misunderstood it and didn't read it (understand it) thoroughly enough. I was clearly projecting my pet peewees in discussions like these. People have no functional or real-life understanding what capitalism, free...
  2. satyanveshi

    Brian Cox - Consciouness discussion on Joe Rogan interview

    Yes, agreed. And like a true scientist in the fields where he makes arguments. He actually makes testable arguments in the field of consciousness or labels his speculation as such, unlike Cox in the above example. Cox merely has an opinion, and a very emotional one, without having looked into...
  3. satyanveshi

    Brian Cox - Consciouness discussion on Joe Rogan interview

    I am not him, but I can point out his very basic level fallacies and non-scientific (as in principle working method of science) stances: Quoting Cox from the video: "I am damn sure there is nothing going on in my head other than what is allowed by the laws of nature as we understand them."...
  4. satyanveshi

    Conner Habib, on Progressives Disconnect From Spirituality |401|

    "But if you live in the real world, you have to be smarter, more ethical and better.... Capitalism..... " An equal strawman can be built against capitalism, but that is not an interesting avenue of argument for me. However, not trying to derail this discussion, I humbly suggest you deeply look...
  5. satyanveshi

    Mod+ Remote Viewing resource thread

    The upcoming documentary 'Third Eye Spies' on the Remote Viewing program (DoD/CIA) will supplemented with small exta snippets on the director Lance Mungia's youtube channel. Here's the first snippet. These include some fairly little known bits, that are not part of the generally/widely known...
  6. satyanveshi

    Influencing the Weather (experiment)

    Dani was recently interviewed by Jeff Misholove for his New Thinking Allowed channel on the topic of Psychokinetic Weather Influence:
  7. satyanveshi

    Visionary Artists

    Ingo Swann -- often labelled as 'the father of remote viewing' and clearly a masterful psychic - was clearly a visionary painter, although he himself called it 'cosmic art'. “It’s unkind to point out the Obvious To those who don’t want to see it. But it’s worse to point out the Invisible To...
  8. satyanveshi

    Interview suggestions: Evans, Seyfried

    Thanks Alex. Same here. BTW, Gotzsche would probably be easy to get to talk about science-fraud, pharma-mafia and what is scientific 'truth'.
  9. satyanveshi

    Interview suggestions: Evans, Seyfried

    Even though some of us feel that the AGW (and CW) debate is a dead horse beaten too much, perhaps the following scientist might be an interesting interview candidate: David Evans - mathematical climate modeller, not climate-change denier nor , trying to model...
  10. satyanveshi

    Daniel Pinchbeck, How Soon is Now, Heavy-Handed Climate Apocalypse Stuff |343|

    I think it is useless to try and put Alex or even Daniel into either/or, denial/proponent, capitalist-pig/treehugger or whatever forced dichotomy camps. I think why there was so much derision or argumentation, was because (imho, ymmv), both of them are trying to find a third way or a fourth...
  11. satyanveshi

    He may have unraveled the secret of synchronicity. Will science prove him right?|306|

    On Jeroen's point... Most people thing that models and theories (by default) exclude the possibility or truthiness of other models. So we (intuitive default) to exclusive OR aka XOR in logic. However, unless the underlying theory specificly dictates and excludes (and proves so!) the existence...
  12. satyanveshi

    Men like to be right — Duh! Novel experiment demonstrates link with psychic abilities |288|

    Good show, liked it a lot. Both the (often male) 'science as ruthless falsification' style and (often femal) 'let's find the truth together' approaches came to alive in the show. As towards your question. I have tried several approaches : 1) just don't talk to people who do not look at the...
  13. satyanveshi

    Mod+ A mediumship reading with a non-believer

    There are fairly simple known, studied, experimentally verified and generally accepted psychological models of perception that deal with questions like this: priming, selective attention, change blindness, etc. In summary, even with 100% wake, cognitively healthy and 20/20 vision capable...
  14. satyanveshi


    Bishop, I was not referring to you or anybody in particular. I just noted that the was , what I felt as "letting out steam" and demands and requirements as to what somebody else should do with their research. I got this a lot when I did mine, my standard reply was: "That's a great idea! Why...
  15. satyanveshi


    There is no proof on Powell being a fraud. That is all opinion and very premature at that. The burden of proof is always on the claimant. One way or the other. Until there is proof, the only scientific stance is to abstain from drawing a conclusion. I for one am looking forward to reading the...
  16. satyanveshi

    Flu shot zealots.

    For me, It boils down to this: 1. It is not selfish for you to live your life (not others) as you see fit. 2. It is selfish to say to others how they should live their life to satisfy your wants/wishes/fears/needs. Why I don't vaccinate? My body and my life (incl. my risk). My reading of the...
  17. satyanveshi

    Pentamental Ep.4 w/ Bill Klaus & Donald DeGracia

    Thanks, Don. I've gathered as much in my own reading. It's always interesting to see what others define as success (and thus, implicit goal). Mine differ slightly. I just jive with what Jed wrote in 'Enlightenment...' -- if the Consumer Report would do a rating on most paths, schools, gurus...
  18. satyanveshi

    UFO book reading recommendations

    All human reasoning and evidence finding is prone to bias. Even that of the best -- even bias researchers fall for this. With that said, Hansen and Vallee are required reading, imho. They at least present a systemic approach to think more systemically and widely, without immediately nailing it...
  19. satyanveshi

    Pentamental Ep.4 w/ Bill Klaus & Donald DeGracia

    Thanks, I'm down with McKenna. Much of what he conveys resonates with my intellect and core. I think he used the buddhist inquiry himself -- if his story is not just a metaphor. Yet, it is quite removed from the 8-limb path of yoga :-) Me, I'm just chugging along, watching me....
  20. satyanveshi

    Pentamental Ep.4 w/ Bill Klaus & Donald DeGracia

    Can you clarify this statement? I know several people who have been on the eight fold path of yoga for at least two decades and all they've gotten is lower blood pressure, limber body (sometimes with over-extended joints and associated problems), a bit calmer emotional state and not necessarily...