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  1. David Bailey

    Planet of the Humans

    Here is a most amazing film created by Michael Moor that exposes the false nature of green energy - which destroys the environment, provides little electricity and is funded by corporate conglomerates: Youtube banned it - which of course tells you a lot. It has been viewed 8 million times...
  2. David Bailey

    World events and ψ

    A strange feature of this forum, is that we discuss all kinds of occult/psychic/mystical aspects of consciousness, we discuss various scientific phenomena, and we discuss assorted conspiracy theories - some of which I tend to believe in, while others seem unlikely. However, we hardly ever...
  3. David Bailey

    Slow response from Skeptiko site

    I wonder if I am the only one experiencing periodic long waits to access this site? This seems to have started relatively recently, and sometimes makes the site very hard to navigate. David
  4. David Bailey

    Computer scams

    Since obviously everyone here is a computer user, I think this video will be of interest: It concerns all those telephone scams that try to get hold of our computers, or pay for 'repair' software we don't need. (Inevitably there is a advertisement at the start, but you can skip it after a...
  5. David Bailey

    Article in Psychology Today

    There is an article in Psychology Today (back in 2014) that is remarkable in that it is quite supportive of the evidence for reincarnation: I assume that Psychology Today, is pretty...
  6. David Bailey

    Interesting web magazine

    I just stumbled across an interesting web magazine that has an article by Bernardo Kastro demolishing the idea of Panpsychism, and an article about the foundations of physics. I think it is a good place to visit from time to time...
  7. David Bailey

    Insects on Mars?

    This was linked to from the Discovery Institute (which to me gives it some credibility)...
  8. David Bailey

    The Cursed Pit of Wretched Political Adulation

    I like the Trump administration a lot. I think he is doing everything possible to contain NK and Iran without going to war with them. This is very hard, and he could have used a war to boost his popularity with many of his critics - he resisted that temptation, even in the early days when his...
  9. David Bailey

    Warning for those who use Kindle books

    It would seem that Microsoft also sold digital books for a while, and now intends to get out of that business: This reveals the fact that books that you bought simply become unavailable if the supplier ceases to trade! Obviously...
  10. David Bailey

    The origin of life

    Scientists tend to fluff over the incredible difficulty of conceiving of the origin of life by natural processes. Here is a rather excitable (but very well thought of) chemist explaining just how ridiculously hard this is without a designer...
  11. David Bailey

    Pauli's ideas about consciousness and evolution

    I recently came across this link at Psiencequest It is clear from this, that the physicist, Wolfgang Pauli had some fascinating views about consciousness and evolution! David
  12. David Bailey

    Andrew Klavan

    I think this video makes some interesting points. David
  13. David Bailey


    The recent discussion about LSD and its effects, has brought up the question of what is an 'hallucination' and what is 'real'. I have gradually come to feel that this is a false question, or at least that there are endless shades of gray between the two. I mean, let's say meeting someone and...
  14. David Bailey

    Behe's argument in Darwin Devolved

    As promised, here is an explanation as to why I find Behe's new book exciting! Behe has written a number of books on evolution, all of which contain strong arguments against the idea of evolution by Natural Selection (NS). In his latest book he introduces a new, and I feel clinching argument...
  15. David Bailey

    Commentary on Alex's dialogue with Spyridon Kakos

    As you know, Alex has asked others to avoid posting in his dialogue with Spyridon Kakos. This thread provides an alternative place for us to interact indirectly with his ongoing dialogue. I suggest that we react to that other thread, rather than discuss among ourselves. Let me start things off...
  16. David Bailey

    fMRI results under a cloud

    When discussing consciousness, people often link to fMRI studies that are supposed to show this or that. However, there has been doubt for a long time as to whether these are reliable. Although this is over two years old, it is still worth reading...
  17. David Bailey

    General discussion about evolution

    The discussion following the latest podcast with Tim Freke and Richard Cox has raised yet again the question of whether natural selection is really the mechanism behinf (most) biological evolutionary change, or whether we need to look for a better mechanism - probably a non-material one. Here...
  18. David Bailey

    Jeffrey Mishlove's "The Roots of Consciousness"

    Although it would seem this book has been around for a while, it looks to cover a lot of material, and is now available in HTML format for free: David
  19. David Bailey

    Irreducible complexity in biology

    I think this video puts the case for Intelligent Design (or at least the case that Darwin's theory doesn't cut it) very clearly. Discuss! David
  20. David Bailey

    Interesting discussions at PsienceQuest

    As many of you probably know, some people have chosen to start a new forum to discuss very much the same topics as we do here. The idea of this thread is that it can be a place to gather links to particularly notable discussions over there. I'd like to kick this off with this debate about...