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  1. JKMac

    So what's the point if you can't remember?

    Ok. So one question keeps coming back to me time and again. And I don't know if this is really the forum for such questions, but I have a feeling there are some reading who might be able to offer an opinion or two... 1- Let's assume for a moment that there is a higher level to our existence...
  2. JKMac

    Expanded sight a possible indicator of NDE vs hallucination

    This weekend I was listening to a Podcast by Radiolabs on the subject of color. They talked about the fact that humans have three types of cones in their retinas. Red, Green and Blue. By mixing various amounts of these three base colors you can create the whole range of colors that a human can...
  3. JKMac

    Conserns about some anti-materialist arguments

    Alex: I am bothered by some statements that keep surfacing in your interviews. They are related to your proposition that thoughts are non-physical and therefore can't have physical effects on brain or body without disproving materialism. Also your (and your guests') suggestion that the placebo...