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  1. Hurmanetar

    Joscha Bach on AI Podcast with Lex Fridman

    I really enjoyed this one. Lots of great food for thought and original metaphors here.
  2. Hurmanetar

    Does this Photograph mean anything to you?

    I have a personal synchronicty related to this photograph. I felt compelled today to look it up again and noticed that it was exactly 7 years ago that it was posted as NASA's star picture of the day (6/19/2013) Anyway, I feel like maybe there could be more significance I'm missing. Especially...
  3. Hurmanetar

    Dr. Simeon Hein

    I stumbled upon Dr. Simeon Hein's YouTube channel yesterday and wanted to share. He'd make a great podcast guest. He has a Ph.D. in sociology and was introduced to the paranormal through a class he took on remote viewing. His own experiences with RV convinced him of the reality of the weird...
  4. Hurmanetar

    Jason Jorjani

    This guy popped up on my suggested YouTube feed in a Thinking Allowed episode. Interesting interviewee on Psi, mythology, alt-right identitarianism, Persian / Aryan / Indo-European ancient history, etc... On Red Ice Radio: This first video has the most Psi related content I think: Thinking...
  5. Hurmanetar

    French and Swiss vacation suggestions

    I'm hoping my European buddies on here might be able to offer some input: if you were going to spend a week in the French Riviera and a week in Switzerland near Sion around mid May, what should be on the must see/do list? Probably looking at area closer to Marseilles and Provence than Nice, but...
  6. Hurmanetar

    Meme Magick / Cult of Kek / Pepe the Frog

    If anyone hasn't heard... a modern Cult of Kek (frog worship) has sprung up thanks to 4chan, Trump, Pepe the Frog, synchronicities, and ...dare I say, answered prayers... to Kek. Kek in his modern incarnations as Pepe the Frog, a cartoon meme, and as Donald J. Trump himself is a trickster god...
  7. Hurmanetar

    Is This What Quantum Mechanics Looks Like?

    Very cool and interesting experiment... :) Bouncing droplets seem to replicate the particle/wave duality and some other quantum strangeness but on a visible macro scale.
  8. Hurmanetar

    Organizational modes of consciousness

    Over the last few weeks I've been trying out a new (for me) filter/model/pattern-overlay of the organizational forms: hierarchy and its antithesis, networking/crowd-sourcing. I've been thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of each and how these two organizational forms show up in nature...
  9. Hurmanetar

    Violence, Pacifism, Collectivism, Individualism

    It seems appropriate to start a thread on the various viewpoints regarding the use of violence. Gun Control has come up in a number of threads here in the "other" forum, and additionally I would guess most of us participating at Skeptiko have had our values and/or spiritual sensibilities shaped...
  10. Hurmanetar


    First we learned the medical establishment was wrong about fluoride in the water supply and now we learn that there's also no evidence to support flossing. Only after an investigation by the AP was it finally admitted that there is no evidence to support flossing and this practice was then...
  11. Hurmanetar

    20/20/20 Third Eye Vision

    This girl seems to have it. Can we get a peer-reviewed triple blind study on her please?
  12. Hurmanetar


    Has anyone ever used this Mind-Lamp by Psyleron Inc. in collaboration with PEAR labs? Did it "work"? I'm intrigued and want to buy it for an office decoration / experiment, but don't want to spend the money at the moment. It has a REG in it and the color of the lamp is supposed to change based...
  13. Hurmanetar

    YouTube Spotlight?

    What the hell is this? United Nations "change ambassadors"? YouTube Spotlight on: why Islam is cool and trendy and woman-friendly YouTube Spotlight on: let's get offended about stupid crap and get rid of all societal structures including gender roles...
  14. Hurmanetar

    Death of (a) Justice

    Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia murdered? The most conservative judicial roadblock to the globalist puppet Obama regime just died in my state this weekend. According to the former special forces millionaire Democrat Obama buddy/donor and owner of the ranch/resort where Scalia died...
  15. Hurmanetar


    This morning as I got on the forum I noticed that my avatar picture is showing up many places where it doesn't belong such as the top of anyone's quotes behind text. Inside various buttons and boxes... It's making it difficult to read some things. Anyone else started seeing a glitch like this?
  16. Hurmanetar

    CDC Proves Flu Vaccine Ineffective

    As discussed in this thread... We've been battling some stupidity in high places regarding the flu vaccine. This led me today to look at some of the...
  17. Hurmanetar

    Book Recommendations: Fiction

    I've got some Audible credits at my disposal. What are some good books in fiction that incorporate some of the deeper philosophical ideas frequently discussed here? I'm looking for anything ranging from science fiction to historical fiction to political or spiritual allegory. A few books I've...
  18. Hurmanetar


    I searched Skeptiko for "numerology" and turned up 0, so I thought I would start a thread on numerology and see if anyone else is interested in it or has any book recommendations on it. Numerology is considered a pseudoscience by "skeptics" probably because the rules (or grammar) regarding...
  19. Hurmanetar

    Coincidence Bias

    How do we know if something is a random coincidence or a meaningful synchronicity? There is really no scientific way to tell the difference. Sure, we can attempt to calculate the odds in attempt to discern between the two, but unless the phenomenon is repeatable and testable, there's no way to...
  20. Hurmanetar

    Strange Sounds from the Sky

    About every week or so I see something about strange trumpet-like noises and/or booms coming from the sky or possibly the ground. I have mostly ignored these reports because it seems that it would be difficult to tell if these are a legitimate phenomenon or an internet meme hoax, but apparently...