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  1. shapethrower

    Hellish NDEs

    I often wonder if each spiritual tradition has a corresponding experience of the hellish NDE, with the variables changed to match the cultural context. It seems to me this is an initiatory experience that is meant to challenge one to buy into a delusion/illusion as presented, or push through to...
  2. shapethrower

    Dr. Chris White Optimistic About Science Spirituality Crossover

    To clarify, they existed in cultures that were certain about ancestor spirits, tree spirits, rock spirits, etc., and believed the creation myths they passed on were universally true. This animistic approach to the world, where everything is possessed of spirit, is enchantment in its most vital form.
  3. shapethrower

    Dr. Chris White Optimistic About Science Spirituality Crossover

    I don't buy this assessment. Traditional cultures provided a certitude about the world and one's place in it. Disenchantment is the by-product of a culture adrift in a life without meaning or purpose and severed from direct communion with the divine. We have been deluded into accepting the...
  4. shapethrower

    Miraculous or Fraud?

    I don't know. This is not really news to anyone who has looked into the feats reported from the sub-continent since the times of Blavatsky and Gurdjieff. I worked for Reed-Elsevier who churn out websites in different verticals to sell advertising space to niche industries. I remember the pit of...
  5. shapethrower

    Upcoming interview with Gordon White. Do you have any thoughts or questions?

    I feel like I'm listening to a modern Oracle of Delphi when Gordon talks. I have no questions other than please continue to have him on so he can explain the world to me in his erudite way.
  6. shapethrower

    Conner Habib, on Progressives Disconnect From Spirituality

    Thanks for responding Alex. This is a point I hear often (one on my conservative friends has mentioned the trash collection bit to me a few times over the years) but I would counter that trash collection is only necessary in a society that has decided to organize itself in a post-industrial...
  7. shapethrower

    Conner Habib, on Progressives Disconnect From Spirituality

    Commenting on this thread in general, as opposed to the question posed by Alex.... What I know of politics is that to speak of noble causes, freedom, liberty, and the like, are to confuse politics with how it is believed in, as opposed to how it is practiced. It is a fiction. The real power in...
  8. shapethrower

    The Ten EnDamnedments of Materialistic Nihilism

    The hidden hand in modern scientific enquiry is the economic pragmatism of running with the herd. Many a tenured academic has realized in a quiet moment of self reflection that they're not smart enough to change the world, but certainly smart enough to hang onto the corner office and make sure...
  9. shapethrower

    Marisa Ryan, Certified Psychic Medium Tackles Big Picture Questions |398|

    Looks like we were in the area at the same time. The Nimbin and Byron Bay areas are the kind of weird Santa Cruz CA wishes it could be. :) It costs so much more to live an alternative lifestyle in the area these days though. Unless you were lucky enough to inherit land, the real estate boom and...
  10. shapethrower

    Upcoming interview with Conner Habib. Do you have any thoughts or questions?

    I'd be interested to hear Conner's take on the role of art in contemporary culture. It seems to me that art is in desperate need of reenchantment to be relevant. It is needed - especially in the west, with our cut-up, remixed, and ever diluted culture. Does art that seeks to critique the system...
  11. shapethrower

    Marisa Ryan, Certified Psychic Medium Tackles Big Picture Questions |398|

    I've never heard that phrase attributed to ferals specifically, although I find it hard to argue with when I consider it. By way of disclosure, I'm from Northern NSW where the interesection of townies, farmers, new agers, and activists is an interesting cocktail of competing belief structures...
  12. shapethrower

    Movie/TV Recommendations Thread

    Dark (1 season so far) - Netflix My favorite series of recent years. Look past the missing persons, cop proceedural veneer and you'll find a show exploring time, retrocausality, paradox, evil, and fate. Watch it in the original German with subtitles - the dubbed version is far inferior...
  13. shapethrower

    Movie/TV Recommendations Thread

    Strange Angel (1 season so far) Rockets, sex, and the occult. Oh my!
  14. shapethrower

    Movie/TV Recommendations Thread

    The Path (3 seasons - Hulu) - Season 1 trailer below. I've only seen the first season of this show but it's very strong. This is the series Aaron Paul jumped into after Breaking Bad finished. Again, great themes for the Skeptiko audience - cults, faith, spirituality, and mystical revelation...
  15. shapethrower

    Movie/TV Recommendations Thread

    The Leftovers (3 seasons - HBO) - Season 1 trailer below. The less you know about this series going in the better. Given the people I see posting on this forum I think it would appeal to the Skeptiko sensibilities. It engages with issues of faith, loss, death, afterlife communication, cults...
  16. shapethrower

    Were some ancient cultures much more advanced than we thought? Yes.

    Not directed at you TruthSeekeer, more the SA website report, but talk about being late to the damn party. Gunung Padang has been a well known site and under investigation for a number of years now. You can find interviews online with Danny Hilman Natawidjaja circa 2015 talking about the site...
  17. shapethrower

    Brian Cox - Consciouness discussion on Joe Rogan interview

    The guy played keyboards in D:Ream - everything he says should be treated with suspicion. Joking......kind of..... There will always be people who make it their mission in life to defend what is reasonable - with what is reasonable changing over time. History is littered with proclaimations...
  18. shapethrower

    Marisa Ryan, Certified Psychic Medium Tackles Big Picture Questions |398|

    Your post reminds me of the graphic novel Black Science. It deals with the exact idea you mention of dimensional ripples in a pulpy, sci-fi context. The faith the west puts in science and technology frequently astounds me. Very rarely do we see the idea posited that materialistic science is in...
  19. shapethrower

    Upcoming interview with Kevin Day. Do you have any thoughts or questions?

    Reading the story at the link Adam provided, it reminded me of the Project Chameleo story covered on the Higherside Chats a few years back. The TL;DR on that story is the harassment of an individual spanning years due to being at the wrong party, at the wrong time, and his association with...