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  1. DrSinclaire

    ---Introduce yourself---

    I started a thread over here: Of course there are a lot of other options. Reading "Infinite Potential" right now by Lothar Schaffer and digging it.
  2. DrSinclaire

    Mike Hockney's God Series . . .

    Has anyone in this forum read or come across these books? I've been reading "The Last Man Who Knew Everything" and there are some interesting points about "Monads" populating the quantum space. He seems to write...
  3. DrSinclaire

    ---Introduce yourself---

    HI there, My name is Tony and I've been dabbling in occult, new age, mysticism, theosophy, etc . . . for 10-20 years. Love the Consciousness as primary ethos that Alex gets after on the podcast. I've been reading a few interesting books lately and wanted to check in with the forum and see if...