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    The SJW and equality movement

    I would support a walkaway movement from both political parties. They are only creating more and more division and becoming more and more dualistic. Division is purposely sown so that the elite can continue to extend their power. The net worth of the upper 0.1 percent has rapidly grown in...
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    Anneke Lucas, Recovering From Unimaginable Evil |441|

    It’s what has resonated with me upon reading the very large body of works that the messenger/channel has received from various ascended masters. One question that was put to the masters was answered this...
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    Anneke Lucas, Recovering From Unimaginable Evil |441|

    IMO the reason why there are people into pedophilia, especially Satanists, is the collection of what has been called loosh. When a soul goes into selfishness and darkness it is cut off from receiving energy from it’s higher self. The dark soul will then instinctively get energy from wherever it...
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    I agree with a lot of your ideas you've expressed about enlightenment. I don't think it's constructive for a person to claim they're enlightened or that another person is enlightened. I tend to see the spiritual path as a gradual path and not a one time event. I think people can have knock your...
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    David Mathisen, Do Ancient Star Myths Tell the Same Story? |426|

    The only exposure I've had to Joe Atwill's theory is on your podcast so I don't have a great deal of knowledge on it. My impression of it at the time was that it was weak and didn't merit further consideration. Were aspects of official Christianity a Roman creation? Without doubt especially...
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    David Mathisen, Do Ancient Star Myths Tell the Same Story? |426|

    I'd say Jesus was what the Buddha was. A spiritual teacher. They were human beings but had a high level of consciousness. They embodied two different teaching styles. Gautama withdrew from the world and let the student come to him. Jesus went out in the marketplace and met the person at the...
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    David Mathisen, Do Ancient Star Myths Tell the Same Story? |426|

    I don't understand this reasoning. Put yourself in Jesus' shoes. Faced with helping a low consciousness people come up in consciousness a little higher what would be a reasonable thing to do? Use a text that the people already accept to help them rise a little higher. An enlightened middle...
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    Sean Webb, Understanding Consciousness Can Lead to Happiness |425|

    I enjoyed the interview. I think Sean has a valid approach. That isn't to say it's for everyone. People are so different that what appeals to one person won't appeal to another. His approach I would think would appeal to the group of people that are still fairly attached to a mainstream...
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    Dr. Brian Hayden, Anthropology of Power and Evil |411|

    A lot of insights about evil on this site
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    Dr. John Alexander, Warrior Monk — Reality Denied |373|

    Agreed. However, a nation often has the leadership it deserves. In other words something exists in the psyche of a nation in order to allow a certain type of leader to hold power. Also if there is no flame of fear or hate in the psyche of a nation for a leader to fan it will be impossible to...
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    Dr. John Alexander, Warrior Monk — Reality Denied |373|

    It may appear that a physical condition or threat exists first before the fear. I think that the fear exists first which magnetizes the threat. This is also why some people who believe life is a struggle will magnetize to themselves struggles with other people who have the same viewpoint of life.
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    Dr. John Alexander, Warrior Monk — Reality Denied |373|

    I think it's an oversimplification to say all wars are banker's wars. It is true that this is one of the causes. The real causes of war are always found in the psyche of the participating nations. A big reason for war is fear. Specifically fear of being attacked by another nation. The nation...
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    The Universe as a prison

    This sounds like an excuse to see the universe as a dog-eat-dog place and act accordingly.
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    If Catholisim were true, then what?

    I agree with you soulatman that a gradual introduction to truths is much preferable to blatant lies and twisting of truth. In an ideal world this would be the case. As I'm sure you're aware of we don't live in that kind of world. A spiritual teaching that is too far above the consciousness level...
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    If Catholisim were true, then what?

    There are hardly any thought systems that are totally devoid of truth. Everybody is at different mindsets so different teachings or thought systems can help certain people. Catholicism is obviously not an ultimate truth but can help certain people. Think of a criminal or other such low...
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    Worthy conceptions of God

    I see the material universe as some what mechanical in nature in that it out-pictures what we carry on the inside. Many people aren't open to truly internalizing spiritual teachings so the material universe is the school of hard knocks. If we think the world is a messed up place its only because...
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    What science-as-we-know-it can learn for the 9/11 truth movement |295|

    This reminds me of the famous teaching: "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" Congrats for being able to see that log!
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    Is spirituality increasing? I asked google...

    Saiko, and everyone else, I'd be interested in knowing how you understand "awakening". My opinion would be simply that it is a shift in identity from the little me down here to the big me (if that makes any sense:))
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    What science-as-we-know-it can learn for the 9/11 truth movement |295|

    I really like what Luke R. is doing. Thanks for the interview! I've had a number of paradigm busting moments as well. One of the first ones was reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffen. It exposes the fraud that is our money system and the Federal Reserve. It sparked an...
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    What divides Christians and non-believers|290|

    As I've mentioned it makes the most sense to me that Jesus was the real deal that is to say a true way-shower or enlightened person. I suspect even his closest disciples didn't get him 100% much less as time went on. The movement as it began to grow was totally co-opted by the powers that be for...