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  1. Richard Cox

    Interview with a trance medium

    On the 6th of February I have an interview scheduled with Trance Medium Elaine Thorpe, where I’ll also be putting questions directly to Jonathan Hunter, the Victorian gentleman Elaine channels. I have just had a session with Jonathan, I’ll write more about how that went. Before I do though I...
  2. Richard Cox

    Can we even talk about climate change?

    Hello everyone, I've just conducted an interview with somatic therapist Kristy Johnsson, called Climate: Anxiety, Alarmism and Denial. I was inspired to do it by all the thoroughly depressing and unproductive conversations on global warming I've either been involved in or witness during my...
  3. Richard Cox

    Schizophrenia or Spirit Possession, and interview with Mike Williamson

    Hello everyone, Continuing the series on spiritualism and possession I interviewed medium Mike Williamson. Mike was by his own account 'an ordinary guy with no interest in spiritualism' (he thought it was just 'cranks trying to make money off people'.), until an injury to his daughters foot led...
  4. Richard Cox

    Schizophrenia, Possession and Freedom - with Jerry Marzinsky

    Hello everyone, Here is an interview I've recently conducted with psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky, about his work with people tormented by hearing abusive voices. Jerry came to believe these were the voices of vampiric entities, generating then feeding off negative human emotion. I ask Jerry...
  5. Richard Cox

    Hellish NDEs

    Hello everyone, I'm recording a series of interviews on Hell and hellish experiences. So far I've had Anglican priest Simon Small on, as well as NDE'er Angie Fenimore. Angie went to 'the edge of Hell' after a suicide attempt before being rescued by Jesus. The experience was totally...