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    What are the strongest secular arguments against materialism and evolution?

    Evolution, in the atom-to-human sense (not to be confused with simple genetic variation, which is confined to syngameons [kinds], and goes nowhere): >Is not scientific since it has never been observed or experimentally proven. >Is not logical, nor can it be true, since it violates several...
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    How fraud is being used to prop up COVID-19 hysteria and irrationality.

    A telltale sign that a belief is on flimsy ground is the use of fraud to prop it up. C19 has been popularized as a highly lethal disease requiring shutting down entire economies, locking people in their homes, and gloving and masking everyone in order to, ostensibly, contain it. If that is...
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    How to defeat materialists with their own matter and laws.

    Scientific materialism assumes matter and energy can account for all of reality. Abiogenesis (life from nonlife) and evolution (the formation of the panoply of life) are spawns of this philosophy. One of many ways to defeat materialism is to consider the origin of free will. Materialists would...
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    Facemasks and CV19

    The prevailing assumption is that face masks prevent getting or transmitting COVID-19. It's always wise to question popular opinion or hyped information from the media, government, or medical bureaucrats. This is what looking deeper into face masks reveals: >Face masks are not proven to reduce...