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    Could that be a conspiracy ? To manipulate world view

    I am 99% sure that all of this is true. That the "mind/intention" affect matter/reality as parapsychology shows. But there is a theory that make that a conspiracy instead of a truth... /!\ I am not an English native so sorry if there is mistakes I dug into parapsychology's researches, remote...
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    Psychic natives and Loren McIntyre

    For reference: I came across a copy of this book in a garage sale and have been hooked by it. Are any of you more familiar with the case than what he says in it?
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    Eric Weiss' The Long Trajectory (Psi, Reincarnation, Afterlife, etc)

    Free Draft Version A philosophical walk through of why immaterialism, as based around the ideas of Whitehead & Sri Aurobindo, explains the world. Weiss covers reincarnation, Psi, and the afterlife. It's not an argument for proving these things, Weiss takes them as givens for the most part...