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    Feb 1, 2015
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    THC just did an interview with Bengston and it got me thinking again about how that type of healing might work. I posted this comment and I'll post here too:

    My theory on how this works…

    The mind is a hierarchy composed of smaller and smaller subgroups of consciousness that have mini-personalities and are feedback loops. The sense of having a singular undivided “I” personality at the top of this hierarchy is created by a main dominant feedback loop. This top personality feedback loop of consciousness is like a dictator or king ruling over the lower hierarchy of self.

    Just as in political hierarchy, the ruler authors an inspiring story in attempt to get everybody aligned to a common goal which energizes and motivates the people to action.

    Perhaps cycling desirable outcomes mentally is like the great leader, “I”, giving a rousing speech to the masses of conscious elements that compose the hierarchy of an individual’s consciousness and this gets them all amped up and ready to go to work on achieving
    the goals.

    Just like the leader doesn’t have to be aware of the specific activities of the lower levels, but rather casts a vision inspiring action with delegated authority to lower ranks, the cells and neurons go about their business with passionate fervor thanks to the leader’s great speech (cycling).

    In this model, there is knowledge crowd-sourced from the lower levels of the hierarchy of the individual’s consciousness which may not make it all the way up the chain to the “I” at the top. So cells and neurons might perceive the needs of others and act on those needs without explaining what they’re doing to “headquarters”.

    So cycling gets the individual’s pyramid of consciousness amped up for action which generates a type of energy or power that has not been identified by conventional science yet (except in Bengston’s mice studies and other IONS studies).

    How does this power go out and change the external world such that cycled images start finding their fulfillment? One metaphor to explain this is the dream metaphor. If waking life is a dream or sub-reality within a higher reality, then consider how stimulus inside the dream or outside the dream can alter the dreamscape. If someone tickles a sleeper’s hand with a feather, he might start dreaming of bugs or a bunny. Or from the inside he might encounter a frog and suddenly the environment morphs into a swamp.

    So perhaps this reality – being a sub-reality – has this bendable morphing characteristic though much more stable than our own dream realities.

    Cycling which generates “subtle energy” is thus a stimulus like a feather on the hand to the “sleeper” in the higher reality which enjoins his mind to morph the dreamscape to fulfill our goals.
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    I listened to the THC interview first and it really stuck with me. Last night while reading Gary Schwartz's book, I was reminded of Dr. Bengston and actually looked him up and found the THC article, one of his white papers, and started to fwd the details to @Alex to make sure he'd heard of this guy. Haha, then I found that he'd been interviewed on Skeptiko long ago.

    So today, at every opportunity, I've been listening to bits of this interview. Man, it's just paradigm exploding. I love this so much.

    One of the things that really struck home for me was how the "feeling like you're healing" bit is actually an effect, not a cause of healing. And that it's the "need to be healed" of the recipient that is the main requirement. Add someone else who agrees to play the part of healing-initiator and Healing Happens.

    This is some pivotal stuff, that really underlines what I feel like I know about the relationship between the Divine and us here trying to act as healing conduits. I've always wanted to be able to act as a medium of healing to let God's healing come into the world, always trying to guard against the ego's desire to take any form of credit for it. This new perspective is just awesome, hearing that even complete "unbelievers" who follow the process are fulfilling enough of a part that healing transpires. "Push the red button. This concludes your role. If Recipient needs healing, this will follow on their side. End Transmission." Makes it a lot easier to avoid taking credit.

    Has anyone here bought and tried the training CDs?
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    Mar 1, 2017
    Incidentally, if you're newish to the podcast and haven't seen this in your feed, download it directly and listen to it. Amazing stuff.
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    nice. thx. yeah, I really enjoyed the THC interview as well. the whole thing is (as you say) paradigm busting.
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    I tried the link you posted on the THC interview and could not get it. Could you direct me to it
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