A Controversial Theory of Ancient Monuments

Hello, everyone. I have had an extended interest in ancient monuments and ancient history since much of it is still a mystery. One thing that I have observed through the study of these monuments is that many of them exhibit strange electromagnetic effects. For instance, scientists find that the Great Pyramids of Giza is optimal for conducting electromagnetic energy. Similarly, Stonehenge is found to have acoustic properties, in that the rocks are shown to exhibit high levels of vibration, sounding like tuning forks when struck. Similarly, monuments like the Stone Forrest of Markawasi also has large amounts of electromagnetic energy: for whatever reason, electrical equipment is known to malfunction in these places.

Of course, I have no means of proving this theory, but is it possible that these ancient monuments could have been energy -generating mechanisms? For what reason? I have no idea, but I do find it curious that so many of these monuments exhibit high levels of electromagnetic activity. I would like to know your thoughts.
I must admit, I tend to be sceptical about scientific reports like this, I mean what exactly does "the Great Pyramids of Giza is optimal for conducting electromagnetic energy " actually mean?

The high rate of electronic malfunctions sounds more interesting, and some NDEers report that same thing.