A mystery solved through prayer.

I had a very mysterious experience today that left me puzzled until I asked for a solution in prayer. Immediately after asking for help in understanding what had happend, the solution was revealed to me.

I love a good mystery and I assume others do too so I will I will explain the situation as I experienced it.

I was doing my laundry and I noticed the knot tying the ends of the cinch cord on one of my laundry bags had come undone. The ends had slipped back into the hem at the top of the laundry bag. Since the bag is mesh fabric it was easy to attach safety pins to the ends of the cord to thread them back through the hem and retie them. The ends of the cord had been melted by heat so they hadn't even unraveled. When I was done I thought it would be as good as new.

Except it wasn't as good as new. The cord was much too short.

I was dumbfounded. Chills went down my spine. Was it a glitch in the matrix?

I could understand how the cord might break without my noticing but how could the ends be accidentally melted to keep from unraveling? I check another similar bag and saw that, yes, the ends of the cord were melted to keep from unraveling but they were cut blunt and melted just at the tip. The ends of the mystery cord narrowed at the ends as if they had been puled while being melted and the melted area was about half a centimeter long.

Holy Smokes! How could the cord accidentally be stretched and heated so it would break? And where was the missing piece? I looked all the way from my bedroom where I put my laundry in the bag down to the basement where my laundry machines are and I didn't see the cord. It had to be somewhere along that path or in the laundry machine or in the laundry baskets I use in addition to the laundry bags. I looked everywhere but I didn't see the cord.

I was stumped. I had been puzzling over this for a long while when I resorted to prayer. I asked for help in understanding what had happened, and immediately the solution was revealed to me. I was able to find the cord in the exact location I was shown.

In order not to prematurely spoil the pleasure of this mystery I have encoded a clue, where I found the missing fragment of cord, and the solution to the mystery below in rot13. Copy them to the upper box at this link and the text will appear decoded in lower box:


When you read the solution you will say, "Well why didn't you say anything about that. Of course that is how it would have happened. It's not fair, how are we supposed to solve the mystery when you didn't give us all the information?" Well, this is not a test or a brain teaser, it is a story of something that happened to me. If I told you the missing piece of information, you would not be able to enjoy the mystery.

And I don't care how you explain my solving the mystery of the laundry bag cord - divine inspiration, a trick of the subconscious mind, or a coincidence of remembering at the right time - what I know is that prayer works.


Jura V sbhaq gur zvffvat cneg bs gur pbeq, gur raqf jrer fgvyy xabggrq gbtrgure. Gur oebxra raqf jrer zrygrq whfg yvxr gur cneg gung erznvarq va gur ont naq vg jnf pbirerq jvgu qhfg.

Where I found the missing fragment of cord:

V sbhaq gur zvffvat sentzrag bs pbeq vafvqr gur qhfg ont va zl inphhzpyrnare.

Solution to the mystery:

Gur fbyhgvba gb gur zlfgrel jnf erirnyrq gb zr jura V erzrzorerq gung V unq inphhzrq zl orqebbz n srj qnlf orsber naq gur ynhaqel ont unq orra fhpxrq cnegyl vagb gur inphhz pyrnare. V unq gbgnyyl sbetbggra nobhg guvf unccravat. Gur sevpgvba sebz gur fcvaavat oehfu ba gur inphhz pyrnare unq rivqragyl fgergpurq, zrygrq, naq oebxra gur pbeq.
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