a third type of skepticism

But now it seems the internet is fostering a new kind of discussion about what reality actually is, including for the first time a new approach to consciousness and what many label the paranormal into what will later be recognized as normal.
I have started reading Bernardo Kastrup. (Currently, I am doing binge reading.) I can grasp the idea that we are in and part of consciousness, and it feels ok. Consistent with my experiencing.
I like that: "... the paranormal into what will later be recognized as normal." It sounds optimistic, like you are convinced that the world is improving continually.

If we can build that interface with it.
I don't know. If we are part of it, maybe we can't?

That's why I am on this site. And I appreciate any experiences you can share. I've had a few.
Experiences? Like the precognitive dream of my landlady's water pipe burst? The dream had occurred about a week earlier, and it wasn't exactly like her water pipe, but it was very vivid and there were all the people who wanted to sleep in my bed because it was the only dry place. The dream and the pipe burst happened about 7 years ago, so I don't remember too many details, but I'll never forget the moment I opened the door because the bell was ringing and she was standing there with an empty bucket, handing it to me, telling me: "Sorry, our apartment is flooded, we have to turn off the water, maybe you want to store some." (They were living on the ground floor, I had the apartment on the first floor.)

The most simple yet incisive experience: remote viewing. I did it, it worked, and that was the end of the discussion.
The conclusion was simple: If you want to approach the truth, visit the fringes.
While at the beginning of this journey I was sure I would only have to go there, pick up this precious thing called truth and live happily ever after, I had to accept that this insight was only the beginning. At some point in time I started becoming aware of layers above layers of deception, factual or potential.
First, after correctly viewing details of pictures in an envelope, several times in a row, I felt like a pioneer. Like I had gone where not many people had been before. Later, I realized that I was more like a tourist visiting the Eiffel Tower: just one of countless visitors who are content with a little glimpse after a tedious ascent. That realm which can be remote viewed is filled with sign posts like a crossroads in a busy metropolis. (While remote viewing a medieval picture, I encountered something I'd interpret as a scarecrow.)

Do you mean experiences like these?
What did you experience?