A Travesty of Justice: Just What Are They Trying to Keep Secret From Us?

Hello, everyone. I know there has been talk on this forum recently of Pizzagate and theories like it. As of now, I cannot say one way or another. I would agree that it is highly suspect and should be considered. Who actually writes email talking about a map on a pizza napkin?

But one thing that is without refute is the massive cover-up over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. It has recently been revealed that the prosecutors in the trial broke the law through the remarkable plea deal, which ensured that Epstein served as little as 13 months before being released. The details of the allegations made by his victims have never been public, although one of the victims said that Epstein sold her to rich powerbrokers.

And now the rat Dershowitz (friend of Epstein)who has been accused of sexually abusing dozens of girls is attempting to block press access to the details of the case. Just what are they trying to hide from us? How far did this whole thing go? Justice needs to be done or this country is toast ( if it's not already), and I have little to no confidence that Trump will hold Acosta's feet to the fire for breaking the law to look out for his rich pedo friend- disgusting.

Sweep these rats into the gutter where they belong.