Absolutely anything relevant

Please don't troll.
You realize that your own posts are more of a nuisance than any "trolling" that may or may not be ocurring? Stop interfering, you stupid idiot. (I'm using the descriptor "stupid idiot" not as hyperbolic trolling or whatever; it's simply a recognition of idiotic, however amusing, behavior. As most, I enjoy reading all comments. You're not helping anybody.

(@K9! Please stop liking Mod4's disruptive antagonism. Don't encourage that sort of behavior)

Anyway, I hope this is all a joke. If so, kudos and thank you. If not, you have serious issues. You are trolling! Ironic?

Also, on a side note, you should know that it is considered poor etiquette to annihilate the writings of others', regardless of importance, topic, etc... We've lost adherence to this in the digital age, however in the past communications were never destroyed, and among serious wordsmiths, connoisseurs and scholars it still remains sacrilege.

Now go ahead and get all offended and delete this post. Pussy.
I don't think I'd say that, but I sure as heck don't understand why he posted that I was trolling.

~~ Paul
Because he has an "agenda." People over here forget that fundamentalism can be just as fanatical in opposition to something as it is in favor of something. I've seen this evolve over time among several proponents. I guess you're the opposition.

No idea if any of the above is true. It just came out as I began typing.
I used to like Weiler. I'd always admired him and learned a lot from reading his stuff. I have his book in hard copy as well. I'm going to throw it into the fire pit later on this evening. He's a dick.
Please don't troll.[/quote]

I actually created this thread for anybody who wants to ask relevant questions on how to famialirise themselves with the settings or practice how to organise their responses in a more coherent and fashionable manner. Or anything relevant to using the skeptiko forum.

I recieved an answer on how to update my signature in the very first response, and also recieved a list of BB codes in my second, which gives a detailed explanation of what characters are necessary to perform specific functions when responding to messages.

I fail to see how my actions are trolling. Please explain.