Acharya S. Interview by Alex Tsakiris on Skeptiko #226

Have you read her blog recently? If not, please do do before you attack me about my views on her.

Also, if you're gong to now state that we can't freely express our views about interviewees then you're basically saying you no longer support open discussion. Stating that someone is a joke has been stated about other people on here and AFAIK no one else has been censored about it.

There are many well-educated people who are both hateful and use their well-researched knowledge to form spurious and degrading conclusions about other groups. Based on her writings, my opinion she is one. You might disagree with that opinion but to state that "such an opinion is not to be expressed" seems unlike you. Is she a close friend?
Ok, I read it. now will you please take a few days off of posting and consider the overall vibe you are creating on the forum.
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