Animal Consciousness

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    A picture is worth a thousand words. I couldn't resist reposting this, from a previous thread. [​IMG]

    This long-tailed macaque was photographed tenderly holding a white-and-ginger kitten, which was only about 7 weeks old, in her arms as if it was her own baby. According to the photographer, the pet monkey cared for the feral kitten — grooming it and ensuring it was safe from harm — on the edge of a small river in the village of Lingsar, Lombok, Indonesia (article here).
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    Sea mammals saving humans.... we should return the favour.

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  4. This man has a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness and he started feeding the nighborhood bears and has developed a relationship with wild bears. Black bears and brown bears. These are not pets he raised from cubs, they are wild bears.

    More episodes here.
    Bear man Charlie Vandergaw -- who once hosted the largest gathering of semi-tame bears in Alaska at his homestead west of Anchorage -- was Thursday fined $20,000 for feeding the animals and shackled with a 180-day suspended jail sentence.​


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