Anna's Anlysis (a youtube channel) on Astrology


Hey guys, this big youtube channel called "Anna's Anlysis" did a long video on Astrology. She's trying to debunk it, I watched the part's that were relevant (the part where she talks about the scientific evidence and the conclusion.) And I disagreed on it, at least with those specific parts. This is what I wrote on her youtube comments.

"So, I personally believe that astrology is a spiritual art and inherently more abstract then then anything truly based in the materialist world. So it's predictive powers are loose, but not neccessarily untrue significant things can be learned about it if done properly. It doesn't need to have a high degree of accuracy, just an above chance success rate to show there is something to it. And the same is true for the causation is not correlation concern for the serial killer study. Scientist's can only find a correlation, but a material anylsis can not see the workings of the divine within it. Correlation is all one can hope for, and as scientist's they can't use this to advocate for it's existance. But it can still be considered evidence despite that, just not in a purely scientific way. And a lack of peer review doesn't neccessarily mean a study is invalid, there are major problems with the peer review process as it is right now."

But yeah, I get super scared watching/reading this skeptic stuff thinking it will take my faith in god away. But the arguments don't hold up to my more rational side either. Though that's just part of it. I don't know if she debunks that stuff later on. I doubt it though it though since I saw her full arguement for the points she made.

I should also say she seemed to have the "cocky skeptic" attitude a bit too. Called astrology "woo" and laughing at some claims of astrology as well, so there's def a bias there. I guess like most things, skeptics have emotional reasons to believe in what they believe as do the supernaturalists. Though some of them pretend that they don't.

Hope the host of Skeptiko (Alex) see's this! Can't wait to see what he'd make of this video if he decides to check it out. Seems like one of the bigger Skeptic think pieces of youtube I've come across in a while too. So it feels like a big deal, the lady has like 203K subs so far.