Are We as Free as We Think We Are?

I'd be very cautious reading these type of studies, many materialists have a agenda spreading the "no free will/consciousness" ideology. I heard some experiment where they got 60% accuracy and concluded free will doesn't exist. And also with these things there's the issue of behavioural disposition, which is generated by the brain and can be measured way before a decision is made. People almost always make decisions based on their dispositions, this is why so many people suffer from addiction/OCD/other issues. Even I as a hyper rational hard nosed well disciplined person give in to my disposition most of the time. I think the issue of free will is far more complicated than most people would believe, most of our actions are determined by emotion/thoughts/behavioural dispositions which are outside of free will. I believe consciousness is not required for everyday activities (i.e. consciousness/free will is more like a supervisor than a pilot of the brain).