Atheists Sam Harris and Lawrence Krauss Discuss Consciousness

There is so much in this long podcast to prod posters here - and that's why I'm posting the link.
I delight in reading the opinions of minds more together than my own so please guys and gals don't let me down!

Around halfway thro they get into quantum stuff and the double slit experiment which unaccountably in my opinion he somehow argues has little to do with mind - and I wasn't sure that Harris was totally convinced all was physical -especially when I read this piece from Harris from a while ago.

Some nebulous quotes here from Krauss from the interview....

“The process of science showed us that the universe we see is an illusion… at a fundamental scale it’s a complete illusion”

“Measurement determines reality”

“Classical mechanics arises in some sense as an illusion… to try and impose this illusion on the fundamental world… is to always produce descriptions that seem crazy in some sense and are limited in some sense”

Other topics covered towards the end is terrorism, nuclear proliferation and Trump