Biden Consciousness

How the hell did Trump lose to this guy? Has to be one of the most embarrassing losses in history. "Winning" must have meant something else.

And btw, this thread isn't named properly; at least in Jim's spirit. He started "Trump Consciousness" as a shrine to the titled POTUS. This one's sounding more like "Son of Trump Consciousness" so far.
Divide and rule, divide and rule. If people cant put their case up in front of others that disagree with them then they probably havent got anything to say
We shall be back. The Dems are way over playing their hand with this commie socialist crap - much like Obama did- and that's how we got Trump in the white house before . It will happen again in a more server degree against the Dems. The public is generally center right. The only reason this sleaze ball Idiot Biden -and his crime family- are in is because they used the COVID crises to steal the election and people are still very pissed off about it, and I would say blue state Dems are too with how their Democrat Governors have been acting like in New York state.

I would also predict a heavy crash in the stock market about after or near the end of the first quarter or slightly after when the Dems try to raise taxes on everything along with the other insanity they will try. This will just add fuel to the fire in their demise, with some dem in-fighting to boot :)

Also, the despicable RHINO Republicans helped with all this BS too , but they're going to go by the waste side. Liz Chaney already has a primary challenger and has been censured along with the Turtle " Cocaine" Mitch McConnell . I expect Trump to go on the offensive in the very near future along with his base after all this impeachment Bull shit is over. And watch out for when the Parlor app to make a come back. I would predict Trump will be on it and make it very big.