Blackmore's response to Berger's analysis

I think most of the people here will be familiar with Berger's original critical examination of Blackmore's work : (also brought up in Chris Carter's book(Parapsychology and the Skeptics))

Thou, I haven't found anyone talking about Blackmore's response of this document :

As highlighted in the link above, Blackmore corrected the numerous errors made by Berger but a lot of people don't seems familiar with her response and still think that Berger is a reliable source for "debunking" her credibility... And in fact, before reading her response, I was pretty sure she was just one of those clumsy dogmatic pseudo-skeptic(R.Wiseman, R.Hyman, J.Alcock...). Even Chris Carter does not mention those seemingly mistakes in his book although Blackmore's response was published the very same month as Berger's critique. One would expect that every aspect of the debate would be taken into account in such a book.

With this in mind, she seems reasonable and credible, if her story is accurate. What do you think about her early work ? Can her result be trusted and be accounted as credible ?