Can Science solve the mystery of free will?

Philosophers have spent millennia debating whether we have free will, without reaching a conclusive answer. Neuroscientists optimistically entered the field in the 1980s, armed with tools they were confident could reveal the origin of actions in the brain. Three decades later, they have reached the same conclusion as the philosophers: Free will is complicated.

Now, a new research program spanning 17 universities and backed by more than $7 million from two private foundations hopes to break out the impasse by bringing neuroscientists and philosophers together. The collaboration, the researchers say, can help them tackle two important questions: What does it take to have free will? And whatever that is, do we have it?
Does it need too? Why? Who cares? I wonder to what extent we all understand what "Free Will" really means. I wonder, if you been a slave to something long enough. Do even realize you still have a will left to choose? Religion comes to mind. Believe in this or else! (See picture of demons and burning hellish...) After a while, (I know allot of people who are slaves to this mindset.) YOUR A SLAVE with No free will. Oh, science. Yes it can. I have free will to leave. (my action with your observation of me leaving.) See ya!