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The unfortunate thing about the Eccles quote is that he dismisses one superstition and promptly replaces it with what many regard as another superstition
Hmmmm - audiences seem to get softened up by observing a few illusions and can then be told anything at all!

I remember watching a presentation by Dennett where after showing the audience how easily the mind can be tricked by trivial visual illusions he then went on the argue that this meant that the audience was not conscious. That no one is conscious because there is no such thing as consciousness. The whole thing was so inept and contradictory. How could the conscious experience of an illusion prove you are not conscious?
So, there's this lady that's kind of schiz, but really kind and eccentric and she and I were both on this synchromystic forum and actually she took a bunch of my sync videos (dudes in a forum posting images that 'resonate/sync' one after another in ANY way - visually, historically, comedically, sarcastically, whatever..., then I'd put it in windows movie maker *ugh* and decide on a frames per second and the soundtracks... things would always line up in ways that amazed me.) and she actually played them for an audience in NY and they loved them which is awesome, but sometimes i have NO idea what she's on about.

Anyway, she posted this anti-hallucinogen conversation which is something I've never heard. I dunno man, sounds like this guy had a really bad santo diame experience that scared him and made him a warrior against consciousness-bending, but it seems to me the vine only really kicks you in the nuts when you deserve it? Am I wrong about that?


I could only take so much of it... I don't think I'll accept the argument that gaining perspective about where we are located in the field of consciousness is harmful in a way that isn't worth the risk. There are alien and religious experiences that have sounded horrific that eventually end in the person making a peace they haven't known before, usually after some kind of surrender. I dunno, some folks just keep fighting, the people that take a drug and try and maintain control are going to have a bad time. You can puff up all you want but the ocean is way stronger than you are and it will knock you on your ass until you are humble before it, you won't learn any other way.

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I participated in an Ayuhuasca ceremony with a Peruvian shaman a couple years' ago. I set my intention to meet Mother Ayuhausca, or some other benevolent spirit guide, but all I got were weird, gray, psychedelic shapes and images flashing -- robotic dolls, 3D triangles, and other geometric shapes. I wasn't scared, but disappointed. I had hoped for something more...spiritual. Still, others in the room shared far more mystical experiences -- connections with spirits or gaining access to higher truths about themselves and their lives. A few were deeply upset about what they had learned about themselves. Others, deeply moved.

It was my first (and so far only) experience with ayuhuasca. I was told that sometimes it takes a few more tries to connect with Mother A/Spirit, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to trying again. The mixture tastes like tree bark, dirt, and what I imagine that ground up frog would taste like.
I dunno man, sounds like this guy had a really bad santo diame experience that scared him and made him a warrior against consciousness-bending
No. Dr. Utter and Jan Irvin both have decades of both historical research into the effects of psychosis-inducing chemicals, and personal experience using them.

What they learned is that:

* These chemicals have been employed for malevolent social engineering purposes for thousands of years.

* Usage results in negative consequences for people who use them the vast majority of the time.

* They are part of a larger culture creation program involving government policy, mass media manipulation, and Deep State machinations.
I feel so far away from the 'spiritual' and any kind of connection to the universe in my regular life. It's been a long time, but on hallucinogens I felt directly tapped in. Consciousness shifting has been a part of our evolution -- animals eating hallucinogenic mushrooms, deers eating pot, monkeys and pigs and panthers and foxes getting drunk off spoiled fruit. This is not something we've been subjected to against our will.

If they're trying to use it against us they have invited their own undoing. Power and control requires keeping people hypnotized. Sobriety is a very hypnotizable state and really we are only really view-point malleable after rigorous activity, sex, marijuana, or a deep sleep. Hallucinogens break worldviews whereas they are in the business of building them.
I have no interest in the criminal debate about drugs or in liberal morality; I view this issue in completely practical and human terms...
In my experience psychoactive drugs are dangerous. For some individuals they are lethal; and those people usually find out when it's too late.
I have seen the damage they can do in my own direct experience.
I wouldn't teach my child to swim by throwing them into the deep end of a pool.