Confessions of a science cheat!

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    Oct 31, 2013
    Sciborg_S_Patel supplied this link in another thread:

    This is an account by Diederik Stapel of how he ended up faking his psychology research. I think it is worth reading by everyone here who is interested in the honesty of science. So far, I am part way through reading this book, and here is my comment so far, copied from the critiques-of-sciance-as-currently-practiced thread.
    I don't think the author considered this was cheating at all, but consider what this is saying (and there are more passages like that),
    you try to prove a theory like 'terror management theory' by manipulating other variables until you get the answer you want! Would you believe any research that was performed that way?

    To me, the point is that even supposedly valid research is so close to cheating, that the step over the line into actual cheating (not actually doing the experiments at all, in Stapel's case) feels so small.

    Yes, Arouet, pre-registering the experiments would stop this sort of behaviour, but of course you could still pre-register an experiment and then make up (or adjust) the data!

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