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Also where you say 'how the gay thing ever became a thing' i gather you dont apply that same thought frame to other subjects eg. the ufo thing. Some people would say most of it is mental phenomena and others would say it's actual aliens. To say that the subject is nobody's business and shouldn't be talked about does not further understanding whatever the truth of the matter may be.
I'm not sure I understand your comparison. I mean, I don't think anyone questions whether or not there's a reality to gay sex... on the other hand, a lot of people, including people who pretend to have some official credibility, deny the reality of UFOs.

putting the gay subject aside for a moment. With the Ufo/ET subject a way of explaining it could be .. that ufo/et must exist, at least very very likely and they probably have been spotted etc. In many an 'encounter' case though i think it is a matter of getting the dreamstate mixed up with actual other beings or spacecraft etc. The dreamstate i think being an individuals own brain/mind working in the dreamstate and picturing what it can together about life in an upside down kind of way. I think any dreamstate phenomena which would include any supposed beings in the extended consciousness are an individual's own dreamstate phenomena which each individual is getting to grips with and smoothing out. The dreamstate is always in people and am in no way minimalising it all but mean to say that i think getting to grips with one's dreamstate is not the same as an unchanging belief in other beings popping into one's extended consciousness. I think someone's consciousness/dreamstate could become aware of ufos, et beings etc but i think that any other beings exist in an organic form somewhere and hence have a dreamstate as well and that also any images and audio an individual might get in their more dreamstate times is them piecing together and interpreting that there could be an alien ship for example parked up somewhere but i dont think the dreamstate phenomena would be the spaceship with Et itself

Back to gay thing which if im honest i dont really want to put on the same level of dilemma as the Et/ufo thing, but i think it could be, though gay thing and condoning might be more slack. Like maybe there is something to finding ones legs and ass penetration tampering as well as any kind of male on male sexual activity is not the way to roll and evolve with a parallel comparisson to the journey of finding ones head and confusing the dreamstate with actual beings.

Being well intended generally is the most important thing to an individual getting anywhere but if supposed alien beings are not that but an individuals dreamstate expressions (which again by no means minimalises extended consciousness) then the person would have to get to grips with operating as an individual dreamstate as that would be nature's reality, whether they liked the idea or not. That's if i'm not wrong and nature's reality is something else, again which would be in the form of what it was whether i liked that reality or not. Reckon am right about the two main subjects mentioned in this post tho, at least to some extent

Here's something else to throw on to the table as current events at any moment in time can be particularly valid. Why any democracy in the world regardless of peoples political views would allow media slags to call their election result is crazy. In any large tallying operation not only would it be proof read and checked for any mistakes or fraud instances a number of times after the count was 100% completed, as a matter of process, even then democracy also provides time for challenges, descrepancies and clarifications to be made to ensure transparency, that there has been no fraud within the network and that the electoral tallying center has done their job right. You would really want the above in any functioning democracy. I think normality regardless of someone's political views should be telling media slags (by that not meaning every media individual regardless) to go suck a tranny dick and stay out of declaring anything until the process has run it's course. You wouldnt want even a generally good media (which obviously isnt the current case) declaring results to the internal and world population about any democratic process before that process has been completed, checked and put up to the test of transparency. The media prancing around with declarations (not loosely held predictions until the process is completed) is meddling with the democratic process, not to mention meddling with the emotions of the population at wide

Anyway have had enough of talking. am going to rest my brain some