Coronavirus Pandemic

In the fall of 2019 U.S. Government Officials knew the Chinese were doing Covid-19 "gain of function" research to improve SARS as a bio-weapon in partnership with U.S. universities and institutions.

In the summer of 2020 the Trump Administration worked to conceal that fact in order to avoid charges of "Racism".

The Biden Administration now flips and claims the "gain-of-function" research never happened, and that Covid-19 was not genetically engineered.

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I think the former Green activist, Michael Shellenberge characterised the problem with Green energy very succinctly. Green energy simply isn't dense enough - you would need to devote vast amounnts of the Earth's surface to making Green energy to replace what we have now. This is why we have spent over 2 decades building green energy operations, and haven't really dented to level of CO2 emissions.

Wrong :)
Additional info from an excert in a previous post in Trump Consciousness Forum #5169 with the additional obvious point that if US allows China's CCP and the likes to become the world superpower it definitely wont be pretty for Americans either
Jan 30th 2021 #5169 excert

This has opened up another can of beans in my current thought process. I think as long a transition can be made to sustainable energy (like a small solar panel powering a house which is technologicaly possible at this very moment), that is where things are going but if you're going to replace the petro dollar, which to my understanding allows the US a lot of it's economic leverage you would need to have something to replace it with. Make no mistake sanctions and economic pressure can be much more humane and effective (short and longterm) than any army could accomplish, at least in many instances. Then again you need an army to back that up as national security. Going back to the issue of what is the replacement for the petro dollar?? Or maybe US and oil industry doesnt need a 10-20 year transition period and the planet and it's inhabitants will be a lot cleaner for it if the sustainable energy strategy is done right (not part of some cult agenda) in full mode from now? Also the CCP makes a lot of money off a hazardous to humans (with very low health and safety standards in case of accidents) polluting chemical industry. What's up with that?
Pure and simple, this is unvarnished, raw Transhumanism. Moderna CEO says mRNA shots are “rewriting the Genetic Code.” He calls it “information therapy”, and says “We are actually hacking the software of life.” This should be a red alert for every rational American.

Transhumanism is a twisted philosophy that believes in the use of high technology to transform humans into immortal beings. That is, escaping death and living forever. Furthermore, they seek to use genetic engineering to create a new master race of sorts, that will shed all of the “unseemly” characteristics of humans. In just a few short years, Transhumanism has smothered the world against its will and without its consent. Billions of people will be injected with mRNA gene therapy concoctions that will permanently change a persons genetic makeup. ⁃ TN Editor

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The use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been suspended in the Republic of Ireland.

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) recommended the move following reports of serious blood clotting events in adults in Norway.

In a tweet, the Irish Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said it was a "precautionary step".

The World Health Organisation has said there was no link between the jab and an increased risk of developing a clot.

Last week, Denmark and Norway suspended the use of vaccine.

On Friday, the World Health Organisation said countries should not stop using the vaccine over fears it causes blood clots as there is no indication this is true.
Dr Geert Vanden Bossche has raised concern over mass vaccination during a pandemic, as it may be helping to make the virus that is left, to mutate and get stronger, more infectious and deadlier, in something called a "viral immune escape"

I wonder how legit his concerns are.

I do like the part about how vanden Bossche says it's the kind of vaccine he's developing that should be given instead. No conflict of interest over billions of dollars there. LOL

I do like the part about how vanden Bossche says it's the kind of vaccine he's developing that should be given instead. No conflict of interest over billions of dollars there. LOL
Well there is that!

He does seem to be very concerned and animated when talking about this. If he is correct, then we are all screwed. If partially correct, probably the same. If not, then great.
Lockdown Protest in Central London today.


Another amusing thing to watch, has been how quickly people realise that when you are not allowed to gather around something you care about (Sarah Everard) , your opinion changes on lockdown laws and the right to protest pretty quick.

This is what society has to learn apparently, because they don't realise that advocating for lockdown to continue, will eventually, personally affect them sooner or later.

'Unless you're wealthy, don't come back': dismay over new rules for returning to NZ
Charge of $3,100 will have to be paid if a returnee leaves again within six months, instead of the previous three months
Something that affects the poor more than the rich? In a socialist paradise? I'm surprised!

FUREY: My son just turned three -- all he knows are lockdowns
"Given how you don’t really start to meaningfully engage with the world until you’re two, all my son has really known in life is lockdowns. I say this as someone who lives in Toronto, which remains the most locked-down jurisdiction in North America."
Children are going to be mentally damaged and impaired for the rest of their lives because of lockdowns.

Dr Gary Sidley said:
A year of fear
Dr Gary Sidley said:
"The British public’s widespread compliance with lockdown restrictions and the subsequent vaccine rollout has been the most remarkable aspect of the coronavirus crisis.

The removal of our basic freedoms — in the form of lockdowns, travel bans and mandatory mask wearing — have been passively accepted by the large majority of people. Furthermore, the proportion of the general public expressing a willingness to accept the Covid-19 vaccines has been greater in the UK than almost anywhere else in the world. But has the government achieved this widespread conformity through the unethical use of covert psychological strategies — “nudges” — in their messaging campaign?

The public were bombarded with fear-inducing information with the help of the mainstream media​
A major contributor to the mass obedience of the British people is likely to have been the activities of government-employed psychologists working as part of the “Behavioural Insights Team” (BIT). The BIT was conceived in 2010 as “the world’s first government institution dedicated to the application of behavioural science to policy”. In collaboration with governments and other stakeholders, the team aspire to use behavioural insights to “improve people’s lives and communities”. Several members of BIT, together with other psychologists, currently sit on the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), a subgroup of SAGE, which offers advice to the government about how to maximise the impact of its Covid-19 communications.

A comprehensive account of the psychological approaches deployed by BIT is provided by an Institute of Government document titled MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through public policy, where it is claimed that these strategies can achieve “low cost, low pain ways of ‘nudging’ citizens … into new ways of acting by going with the grain of how we think and act”. Several interventions of this type have been woven into the Covid-19 messaging campaign, including fear (inflating perceived threat levels), shame (conflating compliance with virtue) and peer pressure (portraying non-compliers as a deviant minority) – or “affect”, “ego” and “norms”, to use the language of behavioural science.

Behavioural scientists know that a frightened population is a compliant one, so this was exploited as a way of compelling us to abide by the coronavirus restrictions. The minutes of the SPI-B meeting on 22 March 2020 stated: “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased … using hard-hitting emotional messaging.” Aided by the mainstream media, the British public were subsequently bombarded with fear-inducing information, images and mantras: Covid-19 daily death counts reported without context; inflated predictions of future casualties; recurrent footage of dying patients in Intensive Care Units; and scary slogans like, “If you go out you can spread it”, or “People will die”, often accompanied by images of emergency personnel wearing PPE.

We all strive to maintain a positive view of ourselves. Utilising this human tendency, behavioural scientists have recommended messaging that equates virtue with adherence to the Covid-19 restrictions, so that following the rules preserves the integrity of our egos while any deviation evokes shame. Examples of these nudges in action include: slogans such as, “Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives” and “Protect yourselves, Protect your loved ones”; TV advertisements where an actor tells us, “I wear a face covering to protect my mates”; the pre-orchestrated Clap for Carers ritual; ministers telling students not to “kill your gran”; and close-up images of acutely unwell hospital patients with the voice-over, “Can you look them in the eyes and tell them you’re doing all you can to stop the spread of coronavirus?”
C O N S P I R A C Y T H E O R I S T.
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by a senior US doctor

Never heard of the guy. A quick google search doesn't portray him as a credible source on anything actually. He's a media personality and activist; not a researcher. Curious why you made the authority inference through this "senior US doctor" reference, whatever that's supposed to mean.

Never heard of the guy. A quick google search doesn't portray him as a credible source on anything actually. He's a media personality and activist; not a researcher. Curious why you made the authority inference through this "senior US doctor" reference, whatever that's supposed to mean.
Well he does give his details at the start of the video.

More to the point, what he describes is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

The vaccine, so called, doesn't fall within the normal definition.

Imagine, you take one of these vaccines and some of the cells in your body start to express the spike protein and become a target for your immune system - isn't that likely to give you an autoimmune disease?

Now imagine that you actually pick up the COVID virus and additional antibodies are pumped out against that specific protein - the consequences could be pretty bad.

I picked that link up from a UK doctor's blog (not run by the man himself).