Cosmic habituation


--and scroll down for the show entitled "Cosmic habituation" (you can stream it or download it). It appears that Sheldrake isn't the only one suspecting something may be going on. No mention of him in the podcast, but he is mentioned in the comments.

Incidentally, someone mentioned the Radiolab show recently on Skeptiko (thanks to whomever it was), and for several days now I've been listening to the shows one after the other: they're quite fascinating and if you haven't sampled them before, I can thoroughly recommend them.

The other thing I've been doing is checking out videos on non-dual awareness--there's a whole bunch of them at Conscious TV here:

That's a topic for another post, however. BTW, I haven't been commenting here much for a short while because I've been checking out Radiolab and C-TV: so now you know, FWIW.


Interesting stuff Michael. I think Sheldrake mentioned something about this effect at some point.

Would be interesting to gather studies about this sort of thing and see which cases resist more mundane explanations.

On the subject of observers setting reality, the physicist Lee Smolin has proposed what he calls the Principle of Precedence:

A new interpretation of quantum mechanics is proposed according to which precedence, freedom and novelty play central roles. This is based on a modification of the postulates for quantum theory given by Masanes and Muller. We argue that quantum mechanics is uniquely characterized as the probabilistic theory in which individual systems have maximal freedom in their responses to experiment, given reasonable axioms for the behavior of probabilities in a physical theory. Thus, to the extent that quantum systems are free, in the sense of Conway and Kochen, there is a sense in which they are maximally free.

We also propose that laws of quantum evolution arise from a principle of precedence, according to which the outcome of a measurement on a quantum system is selected randomly from the ensemble of outcomes of previous instances of the same measurement on the same quantum system. This implies that dynamical laws for quantum systems can evolve as the universe evolves, because new precedents are generated by the formation of new entangled states.

Note I've only begun looking into this, and I think Smolin himself isn't 100% convinced this is what's happening.