Could that be a conspiracy ? To manipulate world view

I am 99% sure that all of this is true. That the "mind/intention" affect matter/reality as parapsychology shows. But there is a theory that make that a conspiracy instead of a truth...

/!\ I am not an English native so sorry if there is mistakes

I dug into parapsychology's researches, remote viewing and telekinesis for a couple month and the only way those aren't genuine information is if all of that is a conspiracy (which is 99% improbable)

I know there is plenty of conspiracy around like big pharma, psychiatry, the bank cartels... (I won't get deep into that)

But 99% mean there is a 1% probability, even though thinking the entire domain of parapsychology is a complete conspiracy isn't quite hard to believe EXCEPT that when we read their critics ,parapsychology over sudden start to get a lot more credibility ! Yeah, their critics are SO BAD that any one (not dogmatic about materialism) could spot the cover up by mainstream science.

The "excuses" of mainstream scientists to nullify any positive result brought up by parapsychologists are so clumsy and dishonest that it's hard for me to believe that they aren't doing it all on purpose in order to give parapsychology some credit. (and make people believe parapsychology is genuine !)
So if this is a conspiracy, the MAIN "SKEPTICS" shall be part of it. (Wiseman, CSICOP, people in NRC, Hyman...)

But wait this theory need way more support in order to be stable and here come the REALLY HARD TO BELIEVE PART :

So for this to be possible it would require everyone posting success story/successful results (on Reddit, YouTube, forum, blog...) (on connected areas such as remote viewing, reiki, telekinesis, shamanism, astral project, law of attraction (like that), OBE...) to be consciously part of that conspiracy's huge "network".
And you can literally finds tens of thousands of such testimonials online when adding several languages.

So for this theory to be possible, all the people posting success story about those area should be consciously part of that conspiracy's huge "network". And they should be somehow paid to do this jobs and don't talk to anyone...
Thou there is a huge weakness to this theory and it is that it doesn't follow the rules of compartmentalization which help keeping a conspiracy secret.

I know all of this is kind of mad, but knowing how big things can technology accomplish and coupling that with a government that doesn't want our good, you can come up with such ideas that keep you from shifting your worldview to be closer to the truth.

So, how is that theory impossible ?
I don't know if you have read American Cosmic, by Diana Pasulka, but in this recent interview she was asked about secret societies (29 minutes into the video). She talks about not only having a belief in secret societies, and knowing people who admit to being part of such groups, but she also mentions how the elites try to use psi to their own advantage.

So could the real reason that the mainstream media and academia say psi isn't real be that the elites don't want common people developing psychic skills?