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What I mean, and have said repeatedly (but people don't seem to that the idea up - so maybe it is rubbish) is that science can't really take on board a theory which can't be falsified by some data and proved to be consistent with other data. As it is, the theory of Idealism seems to be in that category - tell me an observation that would definitely be inconsistent with Idealism!
The discovery of the supposed hidden variables?

Conformation of local realism would be good candidate to at least leave it in the realms of metaphysical musings. However the opposite is true, Try looking at from the other perspective, what can fit with what we know rather than what we don't know that could falsify it such as hidden variables. Observations in my opinion are leaving little options. How can these effects fit within other models you mention, is it even possible?

To postulate the other models such as physicalism or dualism we must also assume a external abstract reality outside of consciousness that can never be validated, verified and likewise never be falsified. Or has it? Bells theorem, violation of Leggett inequalities, eg local realism.

We have to propose a reality that is apparently recreated inside our heads from a external abstraction devoid of qualities (qualia). So what is the difference? This is a enormous leap far greater than what idealism proposes. And with local realism on the ropes where else do we go?

It is not so much that the model is being forced into the observations it is that the observations are once again pointing to the model.

The fuzzy logic of the mind reflects beautifully the Hilbert space of the wave function. I propose that it is the same thing.

The universe is quantized in discrete units in both time and space with an imposed maximum speed limit. The fundamental particles have identical structure. It is pixelated and modular with upper boundaries. Much like a virtual reality or simulation.

Implications that space and time are not fundamental but emergent. The space between entangled particles is merely a construct stemming from a underlying reality. Quantum eraser experiments demonstrate non temporal causality, time emerging from a underlying reality. Again much like a virtual reality, with information being the underlying reality.

We have had long discussions about information and it's non material qualities as well as the semiotic relationships that necessitate mind. I think you know where this line of thought leads.

A few other correlations of physics with that of the simulation hypothesis from Brian Whitworth.
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Indeed. You and I can indeed agree upon the Truth of what will happen if I put my Sig Sauer to your head and pull the trigger.

Your billions of selves currently inhabiting the billions of different dimensions are fun to think about, but one of them matters most.

I'm happy you are overcoming your Nihilism and beginning to accept that Truth exists. :)
Charlie, it seems that you misunderstood what I meant: I did not mean that I, personally, have infinite number of different Selves. Each of us - including myself - have exactly one Self, or, more precisely, one is one's Self. And my own Self - as well as yours and anyone else's here - is currently stuck is the dimension that we call "physical".

As for your show of armed force, it proves nothing, since so-called "laws of physics" are exactly what I call "conditional truths". This means, they works only as long as we are stuck in the "physical" dimension - and even in it they are neither inviolable (as paranormal phenomena demonstates) nor unchangeable (as Rupert Sheldrake's work on the fluctuations of "physical constants" shows). There are even a few people who did reliably demonstrate they ability to produce paranormal phenomena (what we call possessing psychic abilities), including quite impressive ones, like D.D. Home's famous levitations and other macro-PK manifestations.

So, the apparent stability of physical laws means only we have not yet found a suitable mean to subvert them on a larger scale. But the glitches of the instability of the world, of violations and alterations of supposedly invariable physical order, shows us that it is, in principle, possible. And, thus, one day it will be made - we will find a way to bend the very foundations of the physical dimension according to our Will, and will be able to reshape it as we see fit*.

I, personally, do not possess such abilities, and, if being shot with a firearm, definitely would not be able to evade the bullets, Neo-style, let alone to stop them in the air with the force of my Will; so, I would almost certainly be killed or wounded - unless some spontaneous paranormal phenomenon would happen, for whatever reason, and would save me from danger. But it won't prove that "laws of physics" are the manifestation of some "Absolute Truth" - only that I, personally, do not (yet?) possess the ability to violate them. So, it is still a question of Will and its Power and not of some external universal "Truth".

* of course, an ethical (and / or aesthetical) question may be raised here - should we reshape the physical parts of reality to our liking once we are able do so? Or it would be better not to destablise the physical dimension on a mega-scale?
...I would almost certainly be killed or wounded ...So, it is still a question of Will and its Power and not of some external universal "Truth".
Truth exists because you and I agree that if I shoot in the head with a 9mm hollow-point which turns your brain into red pudding, you would cease to exist on this planet in your current form.

You agree that is True. I agree it is True. 100% of the sane people on earth will agree it is True.

You can dance around this Universally Agreed Upon Truth with sophistry all you wish, but that Truth remains, and we can easily test the yes/no, binary truthfulness of it on a thousand people to confirm it.
Only if I know if it is loaded
The only time a gun should be unloaded is when you are cleaning it, repairing it, or allowing a friend to inspect it.

All many handguns always have a round in the chamber. I don't keep a round in the chamber of my AR's and shotguns, but the magazines are always full, always.

An unloaded gun is a useless door-stop, or objet d'art.
Anyone watching "Devs"?

Alex Garland has written a drama starring the different interpretations of QM. I think a lot of folk here would enjoy it.

BTW, great interview Alex, one of your best IMHO.


Anyone watching "Devs"?

Alex Garland has written a drama starring the different interpretations of QM. I think a lot of folk here would enjoy it.

BTW, great interview Alex, one of your best IMHO.
hey Malf... can you see any of the people behind Devs would be interested in coming on skeptiko?
I didn't get the feeling that doug was dodging. I felt like he was more concerned with the spiritual... and I kind of agree with him... evil ( AI or otherwise) gets too much press :)
Have you ever looked into "The Law of One", Alex? I think it explains evil in a very complete way. We are all evolving and "evil" entities are evolving as well...I think according to Ra, they can progress to the 6th density but then hit a brick wall...can't move any further or merge into the complete Oneness. You should check it out if you haven't already. :)
Hello, I just wanted to share the link to a talk I presented 11 years ago: "Quantum Physics and Metaphysics: If God used information/computing". Obviously this thinking was 5 years before I started writing Deep Reality Book, but it does show some of thoughts (early slides) about how even the concept of "god" can be connected to the source science interrelation of quantum physics and metaphysics.

Most likely the big bang was a highly special, low entropy state, which I label the "bit bang", that has been running by itself ever since. Nobody really knows what (or who) triggered that event and the start of our 4D universe, but is related to the creation of space-time and everything in it from "nothing", similar to "simulation hypothesis". I predict that the "nothing" and "before time" are really due to an infinite supply of quantum proto-dimensions (the proto-bits) that not only exists outside spacetime, but rather spacetime is emergent from them.

I believe this infinite supply of proto-dimensions represent the root of "our" intelligence and we might attribute the name of "god" to that apparent "infinite intelligence". This is an information mystery as well as an energy mystery due to the connection with entropy. I do not personify this "infinite intelligence" but I do believe we all personally can tap into this "knowing" and "intuition", hopefully for doing "good" (my preference).

Hopefully this post this will seed more discussions.
Quantum Doug