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Discussion in 'Skeptiko Shows' started by Alex, Feb 20, 2018.

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    Oct 31, 2013
    Triple like and a full agreement! It is a time to fully restore Skeptiko forums, like they once were. "Critical Discussions" and "Other Stuff" - the two most popular subforums, do you remember? - are just closed, not deleted. It would be wonderful to re-open them and see the Skeptiko to regain its former good shape.
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  2. The vast majority of forums have some place for off topic discussions. I didn't understand why until now. It gives people a place to take the conversation when it starts to drift off topic. It helps keep the other threads on the main topic of the forum.
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    Oct 31, 2013
    I certainly agree regarding "Other stuff" - we need it back - but IMHO "Critical Discussions" was created as a place where people were under less restriction than elsewhere. My feeling is that Skeptiko has evolved a bit, and it isn't about restricting people's ability to discuss issues sceptically, but is about stopping people using rhetoric, name calling, and aggression to push one particular point of view.

    I mean, anybody can put forward a sceptical view on a subject if they think that is justified - we certainly aren't here to enforce a particular viewpoint against the evidence!

    Perhaps we could have new names for the sections - I favour a section called "Political aspects".

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    Apr 21, 2017
    Re: General discussion sub-forum.

    Hey, I actually suggested this to Alex in the Michael Tsarion off-topic mush thread on Wednesday...... reckon it's pretty essential for the survival of this wonderful forum..... and David Bailey's sanity.

    Crossing fingers.
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    Jan 29, 2014
    Excellent interview with John Alexander. My first time hearing him and I like what I heard
    Thanks Alex and John

    The UFO and government disclosure issues do not interest me too much - never have.
    What I know of them leads me to a similar conclusion as people like John Alexander and Jacques Vallee
    There is a mass of heterogeneous data that presents a murky complex puzzle which no one has yet made sense of

    I have my own reasons for disbelieving tales of technology trading aliens in cahoots with the US government and other governments

    My response to Alex's question - is there a need of warrior monks?
    Need or not, there are warrior monks and always have been. Warfare has always been a fact of human life and it became more intense once humans developed agriculture and organised into larger sedentary groups and eventually city states and empires. Just look at the news today - so much is about wars. Past wars we are recovering from; current wars we are suffering; and future wars we are preparing for.

    Human spiritual life and practice occurs in all human activities; including the military
    Spiritual life is not the exclusive domain of cloistered monks or pacifists

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