Dr. Mark Pitstick After Death Communication Shatters Materialism |468|


I suspect Dr. Pitstick only cooled off on the Dream Team aspect because Alex pushed him. In other interviews I’ve heard on the Soul Phone where no pushing was present, the team was presented without reservation.
right... I mean you have to listen to those other interviews to really get where I was coming from.

Any literal interpretation of what comes through that realm falls flat on umpteen different logical points.
yep, umpteen squared :)

Of course it helps. First we don't have to dwell so long on material-world issues. Sure, we need to be fed and clothed and warm and the rest. But we can see our place differently, not confined to a little life here, but part of something larger, more vast and timeless. We don't need to worry over mortality since that doesn't affect our existence. It is like being able to breathe, being released rather than confined to a stuffy cage.

There are other consequences. Being freed from materialism means we are not just a bunch of chemicals. When we feel or express love, this is real, it isn't just chemistry. We have been fed that propaganda for too long. It is time to reclaim our selves and live as what we are.
Sure. But those are cultural reasons. After this is accepted scientifically and understood, a new culture will form. No one will point out materialism or physicalism as a cultural issue. Everyone will just know we don't die.

But, Jesus didn't resurrect anymore than we have an explanation of our immortality. That day has yet to come. When Jesus returns (metaphorically speaking) I will be a believer rather than just a curious onlooker. So why believe now?

For cultural reasons. Maybe we are immortal, but why feel it so strongly? The evidence is pretty weak.
If you're familiar w/ Edgar Cayce, he was a poor photographer & tried to make money by finding oil wells & calling horse races, but didn't have any luck. I remember one incident in which one unscrupulous person put him to 'sleep,' got some profitable information, & left Edgar w/ a severe headache. I think he earned a headache whenever he cooperated w/ someone to use his ability from gain, not service. It's been a very long time since I read any of that Cayce material, so forgive me if I'm inaccurate.
I agree that including Michael Jackson in their crew was unwise, but Dr. Pitstick appears unwaveringly honest about the experiments, so it would be the old 'sin of omission' to leave him out. Really, we aren't talking about 'Heaven' are we, if we give the post-material persons a residence, right? I therefore don't have a problem w/ a less than perfect person contributing. As the Dr. said, he'll let the A-team speak for themselves later on. Now, that should really be intriguing! Understandably, I am like most people & learning about this just now: this sounds so much like the Spiritual Medium craze of the late 18th century & early 19th century which Harry Houdini debunked & he & his wife were poisoned for doing so. Like Edgar Cayce, there was one man of that period whose name I cannot remember, like John Jamison something, who was a rare true example. He was so successful that he married into Russian nobility, but died of tuberculosis which I thought was odd. Why couldn't he heal himself? He was kicked out of his parent's house for tormenting his sister for chasing her around the apartment w/ a table that he powered w/ psychokinesis. He then had to make a living using his abilities. It was reported that he couldn't do demonstrations whenever he wished, but he had to 'recharge' after doing some. His most notable one involved floating himself out an open window in broad daylight & back inside again through a different window. The 'tricks' he did weren't very varied, but apparently someone convinced him to produce glowing, detached hands & other phenomena that were popular at the time. Except for extremely rare examples, until recently I had gave no credence to mediumship or psychics in general. I strongly believed most of them were frauds, talented tricksters, or great guessers.

My mom took me to Edgar Cayce's house when I was a kid. Edgar got headaches when he would go into his spells. If you have the ability you would never charge for it; it's not a way to make a living.