Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti, near-death experience science counters grief |319|

I think the question that inevitably comes up is why so few people seem to have such experiences. Even if we assume everyone has them, why then do most people seem to forget about them completely?
I don't think so few people do have it, IP. I think everybody has it but that they probably can't recall it because of the great trauma to their memory system (however that works). It doesn't seem logical to me that only "some people" can have a consciousness that can exit their body. We're all basically the same after all. And the experience has been shown not to favour any particular group or circumstances.
As to which some experiences are not remembered I'd say that is an additional or separate topic. What I mean is, there's no particular reason why this should invalidate the experiences which are reported. As well as that perhaps there are many such experiences which are simply undisclosed. They may appear in statistics, but one might never know if a close friend or close relative has had such an experience, if they choose to say nothing. Again that's a separate topic. But all this is doing is broadening the subject, not diminishing it.