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From Rupert Sheldrake
London, September 29, 2020
Happy Michaelmas!

Today, the Feast of St Michael and All Angels, is one of my favourite festivals, a time to remember our relationship to the many kinds of intelligence in the universe. On this day in 1992, I had a dialogue on the angels with my teacher Father Bede Griffiths at the Benedictine Abbey of St Boniface in Munich, Germany. Fr Bede, who was a Benedictine monk, lived in India at Shantivanam Ashram in Tamil Nadu, but both he and I were visiting Munich at the time of this festival. He was staying at the Abbey and the monks asked us to talk together in their church. It was the Feast of the Angels, so we talked about angels. I had forgotten that that our dialogue had been recorded, and I was delighted to find the cassette a few months ago. This dialogue is published today for the first time as a podcast and on YouTube

I recently gave an online talk on New Directions in Agriculture at Schumacher College, of which I am a fellow. I worked in agricultural research in India as Principal Plant Physiologist at the international institute ICRISAT, near Hyderabad. I have given several several technical seminars on agricultural research, but this is the first public talk I have given on this subject. I discuss, among other things, the importance of mixed cropping, the soil microbiome, new ways of using rather than wasting human wastes, and the potential for family orchards.

My older son Merlin’s book Entangled Life was published in the UK earlier this month, has had amazing reviews and is in the bestseller lists. My younger son Cosmo has just released a new album based on the songs of endangered British birds called Wake Up Calls including this beautiful Cuckoo Song.

My latest dialogue with Mark Vernon is on the subject of Revelation: World religions, inspired individuals, and some people who have taken psychedelics say they are the recipients of revelations. What might this mean?

I am currently recruiting people to help with my research on telephone telepathy. If you live in the UK and are interested in training your intuition you can earn £50 for about 60 minutes engagement. The test takes place on mobile phones and involves two other people, who should be family members or close friends, but living in separate households. If you often experience telephone telepathy and would like to take part, please email me at sheldrake@sheldrake.org

My wife Jill Purce has adapted her astonishing workshops to Zoom format, and you can now attend one without coming to London. She is giving an online Family Constellations workshop on October 16-18, and a Healing Voice workshop on November 6-7. Details here.

I recently took part in a stimulating dialogue with Jonas Atlas, a Belgian philosopher and theologian, on the subject of his new book, so far published only in Dutch, 'Seven Secular Myths About Religion'. He outlines and deconstructs well-worn secularist arguments, and helps open up new ways of going beyond the standard clichés.

On October 10, 17 and 24, I am giving an online course on Science and Spiritual Practices with a live Q&A session.

Rupert Sheldrake