Dr. Russell Targ on Speculating Financial Markets with "Remote Viewing"

I have it in my mind to use Remote Viewing to speculate in the crypto-currency market.

In this week's interview with Russell Targ by Howard Hughes on The Unexplained Podcast Dr. Targ talks more about this endeavor than in any previous interview I have heard.

Most of this interview is the history we've all heard about how he and Dr. Puthoff built the CIA program. The market specualtion stuff begins at about time-stamp 30:30...

Streaming: https://theunexplained.tv/episodes/edition-485-russell-targ

MP3: https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/cdn.theunexplained.tv/media/theunexplained-485-1601843200.mp3 (66 MB)

Do you guys have any tips, tricks, or caveats about doing this?

Have you tried it? Let's get rich! :)

How is remote viewing practiced? Can anybody explain it?


A while back I accidentally discovered WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming). This is lucid dreaming while you are actually awake. The scenes you see are hyper-real (I could see single strands of grass moving in the wind in one of the scenes).

Since that time I occasionally see "scenes". Sometimes with other people in them. It usually happens right as I awake in the morning. I know about hypnagogic hallucinations and I am not sure if the explanations could be found there. These scenes I see with my inner eye are hyperreal. And as I said occasionally with people doing mundane things (I have never seen anything real exciting). I can't stop wondering if this is remote viewing or if my mind is somehow making up incredible realistic scenes.
I have it in my mind to use Remote Viewing to speculate in the crypto-currency market.
Speculation implies a lack of good evidence. What you seem to be suggesting is to do something unethical to gain an unfair information advantage over the rest of the bitcoin trading population.

While I'm not sure how they'd be applied, we do have insider trading rules to deal with such a thing. Your own ethics/morals obviously being another open question.