Dr. Simeon Hein

I stumbled upon Dr. Simeon Hein's YouTube channel yesterday and wanted to share. He'd make a great podcast guest.

He has a Ph.D. in sociology and was introduced to the paranormal through a class he took on remote viewing. His own experiences with RV convinced him of the reality of the weird side of the world and that he wasn't given the whole picture of reality in his 23 years of schooling.

In addition to remote viewing, he's done a lot of research/writing/vlogging on UFO's, UFO disclosure, crop circles, sacred geometry, and physics. He has presented at the Society of Scientific Exploration (SSE)

Check him out:



Listened to this interview yesterday:

One important part of this interview, Simeon talks about how he met up with a team of crop circle makers in England and watched them create a very intricate fractal pattern crop circle overnight which convinced him that most crop circles are actually man-made. Neverthless, the next day he visited the formation and encountered anomalous behavior from electrical devices while in the man-made crop circle. He discusses conjectures on the physics behind this weirdness.