Dr. Tom Cowan Insists We Show Him Covid-19 |472|

I believe there's some nuance to what it means to "isolate"... i think he started getting into some nuance when talking about the surrogate markers; it's too bad he didn't have a chance to dig into that a bit.

According to David Crowe, the term gets debased and abused.

It seems like it's a similar question to "Does God exist or not?" You can't really have a sensible discussion until all parties come to some clarity on what the heck "God" even means to you, me, him, them...
You make a healthy amount of sense, here. What does it mean to isolate a virus? Anybody that has spent a little bit of time in the conspiracy world has heard of Dr. Kaufman, who thinks that it is impossible to catch a cold or flu from anybody. Obviously, that guy didn't grow up in a large family or go to public school. What is Kaufman's solution in every sickness scenario, "Drink bone broth and activated charcoal."

Point being thus, if you get around sick people, you get fucking sick. Is this hard to comprehend? To me, it is obvious as thick clouds lead to rain. Not all the time, but certainly, there is an irrefutable correlation. You do not need to understand the science of evaporation and condensation, let alone precipitation, to understand these things. Likewise, I don't think we need to "isolate" viruses to understand that people coughing, sneezing, shitting their pants, with extremely sore throats....can get you sick! I could prove this to Dr. Kaufman by just putting him around a sick as fuck person for a day or two, then let him go home for a good sip of activated charcoal....see if it does anything. Guarantee you, the bone broth won't either!

Can we prove that sickness is caused by some kind of microscopic phenomenon called a virus? Maybe so, maybe not. However, I guarantee you, that I can prove that sick people get other people sick faster than any double slit experiment can prove anything to the human race.